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Inexpensive Homemade Wedding Ideas

A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can easily prepare everything without any professional help, and by doing this you can save a lot of money.

You can begin with homemade wedding invitations, which you can either design and print out on your computer, or make them by hand.

They can be easily decorated with ribbons or pressed dried flowers. We invite you to use our lovely, unique free printable invitation templates here!

With a little help from family members and friends, you can decorate the room in no time.

You can use flowers and ribbons for this, it will look very elegant and stylish. Flowers are always great for decorating, they give a natural aura to the room.

If you orginize a wedding outside, you can sprinkle rose petals all around the place, and put floating candles into bowls. For decorating it’s a good idea to buy seasonal flowers. To make them look nice for a long time, place lemon and apple wedges in the vase.

Making the bridal bouquet is not so hard as it seems. This way you can pick any flower you want, but roses are the classical ones for this occasion: they last long even if they are not in the water. Arrange the flowers as you want them and then tie them together just under the blossoms, very tightly. Use a wide silk ribbon to tie the stems of the flowers and wrap it around them in circles. Make a bow just under the blossom of the flowers. That’s it!

Homemade wedding favors show that you really care. Jars of homemade jam or cookies are great ways of saying thank you for the guests.

Homemade Wedding Preparations – a way you will like it!

Are you or a member of family planning to get married?

If you don’t have a big budget for the ceremony, you can make the whole thing yourself. This is the time when all the family should stick together, and make the preparations.

It will be a good opportunity to do something together with the family, spend some quality time together and also save a lot of money. If everyone puts a little thought into it, then you can have a wonderful homemade wedding.

For meals you should check the Internet, there are thousends of recipes to choose from. If you make up the menu together there is less chance that somebody won’t like the food. Plates, glasses and vases can be rented from a restaurant, so if you don’t have a very nice set of china, don’t despair.

Decorating the room can be a lot of fun. If you will have an outdoor wedding, don’t forget about the decorations. If you want to go the classical way, use flowers to decorate the room or the lawn. Don’t forget about candles because they give that special romantic atmosphere to the day. Floating candles are even lovelier, if you have the chance use them too.

There is nothing as delicious as a homemade wedding cake. Making a wedding cake is not too hard, but it does take some time and it requires a little practice. You should keep the design of the cake simple, because the decorations will make the cake look fancy enough. For decorations you should use rose petals, icing sugar, candies and chocolate or trandy photo icing.

Your wedding will be twice as fun if you plan everything just the way you like it. This way the whole process will be more memorable and not only for you: for your friends and family as well.

Cheap and Beautiful Homemade Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are very important parts of the wedding. They will be admired by everyone if you make them lovely. Centerpieces can be expensive, because usually they are made of pricy flowers like lilies or roses. Make your own centerpiece and save a lot of money! Here are a few ideas that will help you make great homemade centerpieces.

Flowers are the best for making centerpieces. You should choose flowers of the season, because they are easy to find and they don’t cost much. This way you can make your job easier and cheaper. Remember to choose a color that fits to the rest of the decorations. For a simple centerpiece you can use a glass vase with flowers: it will brighten up the table right away. It also looks nice to add only one flower to each vase, like a lily or a rose.

Another way to use flowers is to buy some small baskets (one for each table), and put flowers in them. You can use flowers of the same color or combine a few colors. Add a bow to the basket for the final touch, you will see how pretty it looks! Candles are also great for centerpieces. If you add some ribbons and flowers to a scented candle, you got a stylish and elegant centerpiece in no time! Glass bowls with floating candles are very beautiful and cheap. You don’t necessarily have to buy the glass vases or bowls, you can also just rent them from the restaurant.

Floating candles give a romantic atmosphere to the wedding. Drop a few rose petals in the water to make it look even lovelier. Some people like to color the water (with food coloring), to make this centerpiece look more stylish. Other items you can use for making centerpieces are pine cones, fruits, glass beads, shells, potpourri and bows. Fruits are a good idea especially in the autumn and summer.

How to make a Homemade Wedding Bouquet

Have you thought about making your own bridal bouquet? It will surely be unique and one of a kind if you do. The whole process will take less than an hour, but just to make sure that things will go smoothly, try making one just for practice. The bouquet should be made a few hours before the wedding, not earlier. You can choose your favorite flowers to make the bouquet, roses, lilies, or anything else that is resistant. You should have at least 20 stems of flowers to make the bouquet look lovely. You can use up to 40 stems.

The first thing you should do is make the stems look nicer: cut thorns, withered leaves and trim the ends. After you cut the stems, leave the flowers in the water for a while, so they can absorb some water and regain their fresh look.

Pick four flowers that will be in the center of the bouquet: these can have a different color than the rest. Hold them tightly and start adding the rest of the flowers around them. When you’re done, tie the flowers with a rubber band just a little bit below the blossoms.

Tie the flowers together tightly also on the lower part, and only leave a few inches free that you will trim later. You can put the flowers in water again for a little while. After they stay in the water, wipe the stems an trim the ends. Choose a long wide silk ribbon ( preferably of a neutral color) and wrap the stems in it.

You should choose a long ribbon, it should be enough for the whole length of the stems twice and also for a nice bow in the end. Start under the blossoms and go down, secure the ribbon, and then go up once again. You can finish it with a nice bow.

How to make homemade wedding cakes

It might seem scary to make a homemade wedding cake, but it is not as hard as many people might think it is. By making a homemade cake for your wedding or as a present for someone else you can save a lot of money, you can make the cake more personalized and also taste better. If you have made cakes before, it’s great: making a wedding cake is not so much different than making other cakes, it is only a little bit fancier, bigger and it has more layers.

If you never made cakes before then ask a member of the family for help. Surely you have a mother, a grandma, an aunt or a godmother that can bake cakes. You can ask for advice and tips, take notes and then make the cake alone.

Before you make the wedding cake, practice on smaller ones, just to make sure that the recipe is right, and it is always good to have a little practice anyway! It is also a good idea to make some notes while you bake that will be useful later. After you’ve found the best recipe, you can start planning how the cake will look.

Draw a sketch of the cake and decide whether you will make simple tires one on top of each other, or something more complicated. I advice you to bake a simple round cake with layers, because it is easy to make and it looks very good after you decorate it.

Before you begin to make your masterpiece, go out shopping and make sure you have enough supplies and ingredients and also write down what you need for decorating the cake. Decorations are almost as important as the cake itself. Use icing sugar for decoration, chocolate, marzipan figurines and flowers, and anything else that comes to your mind.

Great place to get the ideas for easy wedding cake is here!