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Homemade Wedding Decorations

Making homemade decorations is not only a great way to save money, but it also looks much more personal.

Be it your own wedding or someone else, these tips will help you create a great atmosphere at the wedding.

One of the best decorations for a wedding are candles. They are easy to find, cheap, and they have a great romantic atmosphere. The small lights will look especially beautiful in the evening. Candles that float on the water are truly wonderful and have a magical aura.

You can use various sized and colored candles to decorate the tables and the room. Candles together with potpourri, flowers or leaves make a perfect centerpiece.

Bows are also very beautiful and often used at weddings. They are usually made of satin ribbons and then placed on the door, tables, windows, and even added to centerpieces.

Centerpieces are very important, but they are usually very expensive. They represent the main decorations on the table and guest will surely admire them. Make your own centerpieces with flowers, candles, and bows! They will look lovely and much more natural than the ones you can buy in wedding shops. Wrap some flowers around the candle and put a bow on it. It’s that simple and it will look truly beautiful.

Flowers are usually great for decorating anything, not just for the centerpieces. Make sure you pick flowers that don’t wither too fast. There are seasonal flowers that look beautiful for many hours before they wither. You can always add a little bit of green to the flowers, or make small bouquets. Also remember to think about the color before: you can choose representative colors like pink or blue, or just go with your imagination. Use to same color to decorate everything and make sure the color of the centerpieces fit with the rest of the decorations. 


 It takes a lot of creativity and skill to come up with new and unique decoration ideas. For the not-so-creative kind, there are a number of resources on free wedding decorations ideas that are available that would help them to make their decorations equally beautiful and creative.There are a number of wonderful books on wedding decorations that have different wedding decoration ideas featured with detailed photographs on how to implement each decoration scheme. While many of these books are affordably priced, some of them can also be a little expensive.

For people looking for free resources, there are many sites on the Internet which have a wide range of interesting wedding decoration ideas to choose from. In fact there is a wonderful site called which has an amazing range of decoration projects that are ideal for weddings.

The site lists free wedding decorations ideas for various exciting projects. For instance, the site shows you how to make a bridal shower towel cake in great detail. There is also a project on making choco-pop wedding favors. These are gorgeous, edible gourmet favors which you can make yourself for a wedding. There is also another project that outlines the method for making elegant goblets of flowers as wedding favors.

If you are planning on an outdoor wedding reception, then the Twinkle Tent project would be ideal for the occasion. This project show how to create a tent of twinkling fairy lights and frothy white tulle outdoors for that perfect, fairytale wedding. The site also shows how to make gel candles which can provide elegance to any occasion.

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