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Free Printable Unique Homemade Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a non-traditional wedding and are you going crazy trying to find wedding invitation ideas?

 Well, let me tell you, no matter how different or off beat your wedding is, you can have discount unique homemade wedding invitation ideas that reflect your theme.

Why not make your own invitations?

It is easy, inexpensive and best of all your invitations can say exactly what you want them to.

Perhaps you have a common interest such as motorcycles, skiing, baseball, etc. or a shared profession.

Whatever it is you can incorporate it into your wedding.

If you, your groom or both of you are in the military, incorporate that into your cheap wedding invitations. For instance for a member of the U.S.A.F. an invitation might read:

Captain Larry Holmes U.S.A.F.
Cathy Lynn O’Hara
invite you to join us as “Off we go into the wild blue yonder
to Oahu, HI
where we will enter
into matrimony
on _____ Beach
date, time, etc.


A friend’s son is a lawyer and their invitation looked like a summons and a funny wording was:

You are hereby summoned
to appear as a witness
James Joseph Gordon
and Ellen Catherine Howard
testify to their love
by entering Holy Matrimony
on day, date, time
street, city, state and zip

You don’t want a copy cat invitation like you have seen for years.

Why not include references to your ethnic, cultural or religious heritage in the invitations you create? A Hindu wedding invitation tends to be formal and there is a beauty in the flowers invitation wording:

Mr. Kamal and Dr. Veagiya
request your presence on the
auspicious occasion of the wedding of their daughter
Mahendra (son of Mr. R.K. Sharma)
on the day, month, year

Many Native Americans are opting to return to their roots and have a tribal ceremony. Each tribe has its own ritual. Historically there was no formal invitations since generally the whole clan or tribe helped the new couple celebrate their union. However many native couples are now using printed invitations and prefer to make their own. Cherokee couples often use all or part of an ancient wedding blessing.

One couple, friends of my daughter, used part of the prayer on their wedding invitations. The invitation had a dream catcher drawing on it.

We honor fire and ask that our union be warm and glowing
with love in our hearts
We honor wind and ask that we sail through life safe and
calm as in our Father’s arm
We honor water to clean and soothe our marriage
that it may never thirst for love
Frank Peterson
Aliya Camden
request your presence and blessing
on our marriage
day, month, year

Black and White Homemade Wedding Invitations

You can make your own black and white homemade wedding invitation that can look as elegant as any commercially produced invitations. Most of our designs look lovely even when printed in black and white.

These invitations lend themselves to traditional wedding invitation wording, since traditional invitations are usually printed on ivory, cream or white cards, using black, gold or silver ink. If our designs don’t work well for you in black, use our template and import a picture of the two of you. Your engagement photo for instance, would make a great black and white custom design.

You may also download and print our black and white wedding invitation: