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130 Totally Free Printable Holidays Return Address Labels

Downloadable free printable, hand-painted address labels for holidays. We add new all the time.

Holiday address labels include Christmas labels, Easter labels, Mardi Gras labels, Halloween labels, New Years labels, Thanksgiving labels, Valentines day labels and more.

For each of these holidays people often send each other postcards, letters or gifts.

To make the holiday more festive, you can use holiday address labels and stick them on each envelope and gift that you decide to send.

Holiday labels are unique and they can be customized. You can get your friends and relatives excited even before opening the envelope or gift.

Thanks to the different styles and many designs to choose from, you can send traditional or modern letters using holiday labels.

You can even match your label with the invitation or holiday card inside the letter.

The design of the label depends on the holiday that you have chosen. You can choose designs with pumpkins and autumn colors for Halloween, autumn leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving, snowflakes and snow men for Christmas, colorful fireworks for New Year's and hearts for Valentines day. Naturally these are just a few examples from the vast collection of holiday labels that can be found online.

Christmas Address Label
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New Years Address Label

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Mardi Grass Address Label
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St. Patrick's Address Label

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Passover Return Address Label
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Rosh Hashanah Address Label
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Yom Kippur Address Label
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Hanukkah Return Address Label
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Thanksgiving Return Address Sticker

Religious Thanksgiving Address
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Labor Day Return Address Label
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Back to School Address Label

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