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History - Origin of Christmas Cards

 The circulation of printed Christmas cards originated in London in the year 1843.

In the early days people used to give hand made cards to their near and dear ones.

Let me tell you in details about it so that you would get a taste of the rich history of this culture.

Even before 1843 greetings were send in the form of letters, first in person and then via post.

By 1862, homemade Christmas cards had become the bane of the U.S. postal system.

These cards became very demanding because though staying apart these cards even then brought people closer.

The sending of cards became so much popular then through posts that the Superintendent of Mails in Washington, D.C., thought of hiring sixteen more mailmen for it.

At the same time he requested the government to limit the exchange of the cards but no use with the marketing of the most wonderful attractive cards the postal department got burdened. The very first Christmas card was designed and stylized by Sir Calcott Horsley.

He made his card for a businessman Sir Henry Cole, who wanted to send the card to his friends and acquaintances to wish them a Merry Christmas. The line inscribed in the card reads out: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you” the word merry means to be spiritual from within and it also refers to merry old England. Then came the craze of printed cards and the craze that started then continues till now. Louis Prang was the first publisher of the printed Christmas cards.

These cards were very innovative and attractive that everybody slowly became very fond of them. Past records say that the biggest card sale happened during the Christmas time of the year.

It is truly something we all cherish and I am sure you too would just love the idea. It is not only a history but a part of our today and tomorrow and knowing it is so very interesting.

So now we know that all the present things that are happening have a past history that remains untold unrevealed. Life goes on and these few interesting facts get buried under many other new events that happen. Origin of Christmas cards though happened long time back but its essence will remain new generations after generations!