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Free Printable Hindu Wedding Card Template

A Hindu theme wedding can be very colorful and special. In the life of the young couple it is an important step, and their whole family is celebrating with them on this occasion.

On such a wedding the colors that are dominating the decorations are usually red and gold. Hindu bridal wear is also very colorful with lots of gold color in it. The traditional Hindu Saris have dazzling designs and are worn with golden jewelry. If you would like to have a Hindu wedding, all the bridesmaids can wear Saris as well.

The groom should wear a Jodhpuri suit, which will surely make him look very charming. Such suits are often hand embroidered with a very detailed hemline.  On a Hindu wedding even the cake can have Indian decorations with gold coloring. The décor on such a wedding can be simply breathtaking!

This greeting card shows a Hindu couple in their traditional outfits, the bride wearing lots of specific Hindu jewelry. Her Sari is red and she wears gold all over her body, as a traditional Hindu custom.

Free Printable Hindu Wedding Greeting Card Template

You may also have your child color greeting card and that way make it even more unique:

Download and Print Hindu Wedding Greeting Card Coloring Page