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Free Printable Heart Theme Wedding Ideas & Printables

Let me tell you something about a theme that can be considered as the most romantic one I have ever come across.

Heart theme wedding ideas, would just tell you about the best theme you can come up with for planning a homemade yet extremely romantic way to express to your invitation of guests the love that you share with your spouse.

This is a theme, I must tell you, that expresses the forever love that you can share with everyone to announce that indeed the endless love means so much to this couple.

The theme itself is so expressive that there are so many ways to let people know about it.

To begin with, the wedding invitation cards would come up in the shapes of hearts and colorful pastels so express the theme to the guests at the moment they receive them.

The Reception ceremony would all have impressions of it as well. Red would be in abundance around in the drapes, curtains and tablecloths. Heart shaped pillows can be scattered all around the decorations to make impression of the theme all around you. It means simply that the love is all in the air.

Indeed I must say that it is the oldest wedding theme that can ever be. Little red colored, or any heavy pastel colored, candles can be placed in the dinner tables for the guests to cherish and linger the theme all around them every moment. Even the wedding ring can be in the shape of the heart to make things come alive. The wedding cake would also be surprise if it comes in the shape of a beautiful heart as well.

Wedding favors would come in the shape of small heart shaped chocolates as the ceremony winds down to thank the guests. It is simple way to extend the theme right to the end of the ceremony and linger in the air for along time.

Heart theme wedding ideas are beyond words since their homemade expression is simply in the air and the name itself. I must tell you that you must go for it as you would never feel set back with choosing it.