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Free Printable Hawaiian Theme Wedding Printables

Some Hawaiian theme wedding ideas I found when planning my stepdaughters wedding were a wedding on a beach, a wedding in a hall with all the trimmings of Hawaii and Hawaii itself.

 The Hawaiian wedding was held in early May, so we decided to have the themed wedding in a large hall with palm trees, bright lights to represent the sun, sand, tables, and chairs from an outdoors environment.

We made a stage like the one you would see in a Hawaiian village for the ceremony and it was later used to present a Hawaiian show.

It was a wonderful wedding and everyone thought they were at a Hawaiian wedding in Hawaii.
To bring the sand inside was a little risky, but we decided it was the only way to have the true feeling of the theme. We only put down a thin layer of sand, but it turns out very nicely.

The wedding and the reception went off without a hitch. We had wedding favors that were pertinent to the theme, the invitation cards were just beautiful with the Hawaiian designs we chose and the flowers were all from the Hawaiian Islands. My stepdaughter chose a Hawaiian styled dress with a floral pattern and the men wore Hawaiian shirts and shorts. It was a very lovely wedding.

Hawaiian theme wedding ideas are endless when you think about having a wedding. This was just the one that we decided to do. The wedding you plan can be so real that is feels like you are really in Hawaii. Everyone can enjoy a very special wedding of this type. It was fun to see everyone dancing to Hawaiian music and some even wore a grass skirt, which was a true sense of the Hawaiian wedding theme. You can plan this type of wedding for less than a traditional wedding.