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Happy Birthday Quotes for Family and Friends

Sample Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend would like to be reminded every day how much you love him, but if for some reason you miss a day or two, you can definitely make it up on his birthday. Try to write an original, personalized birthday wish on his card. Make him feel important by taking your time and handwriting his birthday message. Even if you send an ecard, try to make it as personal as you can.


Short Birthday Quotes for Text Messages or Ecards:


With every beat of my heart, I think for you. And as long as my heart beats, I will think for you. I love you!




I love you! Can you hear how my heart beating? It beats for you and wants to tell you: I Love You!



I love you and will love you! My love becomes more and more strong with every day.




People said that a day consists of 24 hours; an hour consists of 60 minutes, but no one told me that a minute without you is an eternity.


Happy Birthday! 


Original and Loving Birthday Wishes for Wife

There is always a good time to express love.  We should not wait for a special occasion to tell someone how much we love her (him), but if we somehow miss the chance during our busy daily lives, we can always make up for it on birthdays.

Husbands should romance and charm their wives all the time (and the same stands for wives), but on her birthday, husbands should definitely go the extra mile. Buying a gift and flowers is not enough. What she will appreciate the most are the loving birthday wishes that she can’t resist and maybe even misses – directly from you.


Short loving Birthday Quotes and Sayings for Text Messages or eCards:


There's a thought in my head and it is a thought about you. It says "I love you!"




One day you will ask me: "What do you choose - me or your life?"
I will answer you: "Life", and you will go,
without knowing that you are my life!


I smelled a rose. I pierced on its thorns and with my blood I wrote "I love you!"



Love is stronger than the time. A single moment with you makes me forget the lonely hours!


Happy Birthday! 


What kind of birthday wishes should you write on the card?

Tell her how much you love and appreciate her as a wife, mother (if you have children), lover, lady of your home, best friend and whatever else you might admire about her. Write about her beauty, both external and internal, her achievements, how proud you feel to be by her side when you are out – the list is endless!

Your wife would love to be reminded of some nice, romantic event from the past. She would appreciate even more that you remembered it. Take your time; think about your past good times together, and look through photo albums to refresh some happy memories. Then, write about those times in your own words. She will love you even more!


Sample of Loving and Sweet Birthday Wishes and Toast:

I remember how innocent you were when we first met. You wouldn’t let me kiss you until we had dated for six weeks, and I was becoming desperate. Then, one night I took you to see that movie (name which one, if you can) that I had seen before with my sister and didn’t like at all. It was just too romantic for my taste, but I hoped that you would not be able to resist it :-) There was such an intense atmosphere of love and passion, and you finally responded to me. Somewhere towards the end, as I was gently touching your hand, you leaned towards me and offered me your lips.

Darling, that was the kiss of my life!

Happy Birthday my Princess!



Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

As your companion for life, your husband deserves more care and appreciation from you than anyone else. If you give him your respect, love and tender care, he will give it back to you, and then you will be able to pour even more love and care into your children, family and friends. His birthday is also a good occasion to make amends and tell him how sorry you are for hurting him and that you will promise to try your best never to do it again.

Remember, men are not very complicated - most need just a few things: love, appreciation, respect, good meals and …sex, of course :-) So, it’s basically very easy to make them happy. Now, you might be asking, “Who doesn’t need all that?” Well, as women, of course we need much more than that. Don’t we? If you believe this, then make sure to write on his happy birthday card how much you love, appreciate and respect him. Then, prepare a delicious meal and warm up the bed :-)

Think of some wonderful moment you shared together or when he did something very nice for you, and write about that on his birthday card. He would love to know that you didn’t forget and that he is appreciated. That will certainly inspire him to do even more nice things for you.


Sample of Short Birthday Wishes for Husband  

I destine you to breathe life in everything! I destine you to always smiling! I destine you to experience the magic of happiness!

Happy Birthday!



Now and forever I am yours! Now and forever YOU and ME! I love you now and forever!




I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!



I give you my love now in this life. I want to be with you in good and bad.

Happy Birthday!


Sample of Loving and Warm Birthday Wishes for Husband: 

My dear, I will never forget that night when I was late coming home for dinner. It was very important for me to make home it in time, since I promised our daughter I would make those special cookies for dessert. She got great grades in math the day before, and it was supposed to be my gift to her. I got stuck in the traffic and couldn’t move for hours. That was before cell phones, so I could not even call you…When I finally got home later that night, the kids were already in bed, and you greeted me with a big smile (you were not worried because the news had reported the traffic jam), and I couldn’t believe my nose – those were, without a doubt, cookies that smelled so wonderfully. I hugged you and kissed you while tears rolled down my cheeks.
I will never know how you managed to make them, and I never asked, but I can tell you that it was one of the most memorable moments of my entire life.

Thank you for being such a wonderful, generous, open-hearted and loving husband and father.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Unique Birthday Wishes to Granson from Grandfather / Grandmother

You have been your Grandparents’ bright light from the moment you entered our lives.

Today, when you celebrate your (insert age here) birthday, we, your Grandma and Grandpa, want to tell you that you are the light of our lives.

Your joy, hugs and kisses, love for cookies and racing cars…all those small, everyday things that make life the biggest wonder of the world become even more meaningful and delightful when they come from you.

(On your grandson’s birthday card, mention one memorable moment that you shared with him. I assure you that he will love it.)


Sample Beautiful Memory Wording:


Remember when Grandma and I went to the bookstore store near the shopping mall? You approached that little girl and started kissing and hugging her and asked her if she wanted to marry you. She was too little to answer (you were 4 years old, and she looked about 2), and she got intimidated by you pushing her to answer, so she started screaming and crying. You grabbed us by the hand and said: “She doesn’t know what she is missing!” We couldn’t stop laughing for days!


Happy Birthday!


Birthday Card Verse (Short Birthday Poem):


"We wish you only good things
Like everyone around,
But how hard it is to choose
From all the good things I found"

Petőfi Sándor



Unique Birthday Wish to Grandson from Grandfather


You are my dream come true. As happy as I was when you were born, I couldn’t wait for you to grow a little bit so that we could go out and have some fun times together. Being your grandfather brings a whole new world to my old age.
(Write on his birthday card about some great moment you shared together.)


Example Warm Happy Birthday Words:


Remember that Saturday evening when you expressed your wish to go golfing with me the following morning? It was a cold November night, and you knew we had to wake up at 5 a.m. because the golf course was pretty far away, but I was so proud that you wanted to go with me. How could I say no? I knew there would be no golfing for me with you there, but that was of no consequence. All that mattered was that you wanted to be with me. I don’t remember if I ever shared this with you, but it was the best gift you have ever given me.


Happy Birthday!


Unique Birthday Wish to Grandson from Grandmother


I always wanted to have a granddaughter, and then you came along. I was a bit nervous – what kind of fun could a grandma offer a grandson? I thanked God for this wonderful gift and decided to wait…and guess what? It turned out that I had and still have more fun with you than any other little boy. You love my stories, I fell in love with your racing car toys, you cook with me, and I try to fix your computer.

As you know, I never liked to cook and only began learning when started to stay with Grandfather and me during the holidays. I did it for you! I’ll do anything for you.
(Think of some great moment that you shared and remind him of that.)

Sample Warm Memory Wording:


I will never forget that day when we were making pasta for dinner. You decided to experiment with curry. I didn’t think that Carbonara Curry was a great idea, but I could not resist your charm. You convinced me that a future master chef was standing before me.
Your Grandpa could not eat it, but I tried my best and ate half. And you, my sweet pumpkin? You ate it all, even though we told you that you didn’t have to. In any case, you never made Carbonara Curry again!


Happy Birthday!


My dear Grandma, even though I am a grown-up man (woman) now, whenever I think of you, I still feel like a little boy (girl). The fondest memories of my childhood come from your hugs, kisses, cookies and stories. I will never get enough of your touch and soft voice. Remember when I used to come to your house and hide in my favorite place, where nobody would find me? It was our best-kept secret.

I still love to listen to you tell me my favorite fairy tales, and I am not ashamed of it. Life gets really rough sometimes, and your fairy tales are the best hiding place I know.

On your birthday, I wish that you will live at least 100 years so that my kids may enjoy a great-grandma like you are.
(If you wish to propose a birthday toast to your grandmother, think of one very special moment that you shared, or tell her what you like about her the most.)


Sample of Sweet Memory you had with Your Grandma:


I always wondered how you managed to teach me right from wrong and still spoil me rotten! What was your secret? Was it endless love and patience coming together? You never raised your voice, and you rarely said no! You cooked my favorite meals and would get up at six o’clock in the morning to make my favorite rolls so they would be warm when I got up.

Remember when you came over to stay a few days at our house and I told you that because it was my house, you had better “behave properly”? I was about 5 years old and already had a smart mouth! Instead of telling me off, you sat there and cried, and when Mom came home, you were still crying and asked her to take you back home. I ask you now to please forgive me, Grandma – I will never, ever hurt you again!
My childhood and my entire life would have been so much poorer if it were not for you – the best grandmother in the world.

(You may also write a card to your grandma on behalf of all her grandchildren and sign it like this):

Happy Birthday to the Best Grandma in the World.


We love you!
Your Grandkids (sign the card)


Happy Birthday Card Quote:


Keep the good in yourself, keep your smile always on your face and let every your day will be filled with sunshine!


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