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DIY Free Printable Graduation Chocolate Candy Wrapper Templates

 Are you seeking for a unique and special way to invite people to a graduation party that you are planning?

Paper invitations are old fashioned while email invites on the other side are too cold and impersonal.

If you are wondering what kind of invitations would be unique and extraordinary and yet would not empty your pocket, a good idea would be candy bar wrappers.

They are popular as favors, souvenirs and gifts but they are even more popular as sweet invitations to any occasion including graduation.

Before you decide about the design of the candy bar wrappers, you must choose the theme of the graduation party.


Graduation Party Candy Bar Wrapper

Graduation Party Candy Bar Wrapper

Knowing the theme of the party would make it much easier for you to choose the right elements to use for the candy wrappers. If the upcoming event is too close, and you don’t have enough time to design your own candy wrapper, the good alternative is to download free graduation candy bar wrappers from

Graduation candy bar wrappers that are used as gifts for the guests are awesome idea because everyone does love chocolate. Such gifts are affordable yet impressive and have sentimental value.

If you choose to use graduation candy bar wrappers as invitations for the event of celebrating the graduation, you must be aware that you have chosen the most practical and very interesting option of inviting people to your party. The design for these candy wrappers usually consists of the photo of the graduate with the appropriate text.

Free candy wrappers for graduation downloaded on our site are unique and special thus making your special event even more special.