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Free Printable Fun Wedding Invitations

 My daughter wanted a funny wedding invitation and she wanted me to help!

I didn’t really know what to do and whom to ask to help me with the invitations.

The bride and the groom were already quite nervous so I decided not to tell them anything and tried to solve the problem on my own.

I remember that a friend of mine sent me once some lovely invitations when she had her birthday, and she said they were free printable invitations from the internet.

I was wondering if I could find some fun wedding invitations at the same website. I gave her a call and asked her about it, and she remembered

When I looked at the downloadable invitations, I decided that I will use these for the wedding of my daughter. They looked nice and I was sure that she would like them too.

My husband had an old printer which he barely used and I managed to print out the invitations on those. I could send them the same day and thanks to these printable fun wedding invitations everyone got an invitation in time.

Fun unique invitation design and wordings

Neither you or your groom are into stiff formal affairs especially for your wedding, so you are looking for a unique fun wedding invitation designs and wordings! Right?

One fun invitation had a drawing of a bride chasing a groom with a rolling pin. It read:


I chased him until he caught me
now we invite you to join us
as we:
Sandra Jean Howe
Robert James Conroy
tie the knot
time, day, date

Another fun invitation shows a bride and groom in a convertible waiting in a long line at a Las Vegas dive through wedding chapel.

Western weddings can also be a lot of fun. Your invitation can look like an old time WANTED poster with a picture of the two of you dressed in old western garb. Or, your invitation could read:

We are rounding up
friends and family
to share our joy
please join us
Karen Ann Linwood
Thomas Phillip Winters
as we are married
day, date, time

Couples today are no longer held to the formal verse style of days gone by. Modern invitation etiquette allows for total freedom when choosing invitation wording as long as it isn’t vulgar or offensive. Then only time traditional etiquette is truly necessary is in addressing the invitations. Have fun doing your invitations, just remember that your invitation is the first hint of the tone and theme of your wedding. It even lets them know how to dress.

Unique Humorous Invitation Ideas

Are you are great person with a funny disposition? Your guests will love a cute little invitation from you. Here we have unique humorous wedding invitation ideas that will amuse even you.

If you have your own wording and verse, you can insert them into the card to express yourself. It is as easy as 123, and you are ready to print, stuff, stamp and send out. Here at our site and you are looking for unusual funny wedding invitations. Today is your lucky day.

It is a cheap way to go, but you will still have a beautiful and funny wedding invite. Think of what you can say or do with a custom card that you make. Everyone is creative when they use the easy templates. You can design a wonderful invite with your own expressions and still have time to do everything else you need to do. You will have your guests so amused when you send then a homemade funny wedding invitation that they will never forget about.

Great Ideas for Free Funny Wedding Invitations

My brother is one of the funniest people in the whole world. My earliest memories of childhood are filled with moments of laughter at the antics my brother used to do to make me and my little sister laugh. He was a real entertainer and could hold a crowds attention for hours with his humor. No matter what the occasion, he always could find a way to make it funny and humorous. So when my wedding date was fixed, I requested him to inject humor into any aspect of the wedding as he saw fit.

He suggested that since the wedding invitations were the first impression that invitees would get about the wedding, we should start there. I readily agreed. We thought of different ways to make the wedding invitation card extremely funny. He suggested that we include a map of the venue on the card that looked like a maze. So we went online and searched for free creative maps for wedding invitations. We chose a design that we knew would make the guests get our drift.

Then we wanted to find a site for free funny wedding invitations next. After a lot of searching, we came across this site which had a wide array of funny sample invitations of various kinds. We spent hours laughing all the humorous samples we could find there. The humor had to do with funny wedding clothes and some antics with the bridal garter.

We went through a number of samples and then arrived at a couple of invitations that we thought were extremely funny. We showed them to our dad and mom who also had a terrific sense of humor. They made the final decision and chose a sample from our selection. We then used the sample to print all the free funny wedding invitations right at home using our home computer.

The Bride
Jessica Matheson, OK

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More About Funny Printable Wedding Cards


Funny wedding cards ideas for a more relaxing wedding preparation plan. When asked which was the best day of their life, most of the elderly persons say that their wedding day was the most fabulous.

Flowers, paper hearts, candles, best friends by your side, and the best of all, the love of your life smiling happy while holding your hand. That is what is characteristically for a wedding. But there is a tiny little detail that doesn’t have to be forgotten: behind a perfect day stand mountains preparations, worries and sometimes the bride’s tears. There is a constant thought in the mind of the grooms, to make everything to come out perfect.

There is no secret regarding who takes more responsibility in organizing a wedding. All brides know that they had to take almost every decision because for the groom anything could be just perfect. And maybe the groom’s attitude is just fine. The wedding day shouldn’t be stressful and formal; it should be a fun moment to celebrate love in the grooms’ style. Actually the stress begins far before planning the wedding day, it begins with the wedding cards and their sophisticated names and colours. Who could ever tell the difference between light peach and soft pink or between heliotrope and orchid? After all, they all are shades of violet.

Why should you be choosing a wedding card so complicated and also expensive? Why not making out of the wedding card a brand new experience and follow the funny wedding cards trend? Let me tell you a secret: everything that is funny, but with good taste appeals to the guests and creates an everlasting memory.

Have you always dreamed of having such a special wedding card that all guests would keep it and talk admiringly about it? If you did, consider my advice and go for something funny.

Don’t think about the old rusted formality, make out of it a funny experience and enjoy your wedding preparation. Say goodbye to the long afternoons spent in the cards printing shops and say hello to being creative and fun! Creating your own hilarious wedding card will definitely bring you closer to your future spouse and it will create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The funny cards could be everything you dreamed of, from your personal sketches to crosswords and maps to finding ‘save the date’. These types of wedding cards always create buzz among the guests and make your day absolutely special. If you thought about having your funny couple cartoon portrait on the cards, you can keep the same theme for the thank you notes, cake decorations or the entire wedding! Don’t make out of your wedding day the biggest stress of your life, take it easy and have a good time with the funny wedding cards designs!

If you are making your wedding plans now, you probably have next to your computer tons of wedding planning magazines and the latest celebrity weddings. Do you want to have a hi-fashion wedding? Most of the couples want and in this case, you might have to start taking care of all details: the latest wedding cards design preferred by the most popular persons, the ‘hot’ wedding locations with the best reviews and design costumes that will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Now let’s take a closer look to the design of the wedding cards: you might have to take into consideration that there are several modern trends towards the wedding cards. Only few celebrities prefer the glittery trendy designs, most of them go for something simple, but high quality.

Do you wonder what that means? It means to follow your personal taste and forget about everyone’s opinion and think once about what you would prefer. See as much options as possible, take into consideration all advice you get, but finally decide together with your future spouse what design the cards should have. Your wedding will be a special unforgettable experience only if you spend as much time as possible with your soul mate to decide on every aspect of it.

Make out of the wedding preparation a special time to get ready for the big step and fall in love more and more with your future spouse’s personality by seeing how much he cares about the things you prefer. Do you want to know a secret? The vintage designs are considered on now and gain from wedding to wedding more and more popularity. Is your wedding colour theme purple or blue?

No problem, you can have a vintage blue or purple card adorned with famous designs from the ’40. Or if you want something more glamorous, consider this fact: satin is still the most preferred textile used for wedding cards! You can have gold letters graved on your card painted with the ink of love that abounds in your hearts.

Let me tell you something a wise old person told me: keep in mind that everything you like and you find beautiful is trendy, not what other persons decide it is. Whether you prefer simple wedding cards design or the renaissance design, what is beautiful in your eyes will surely be beautiful in the eyes of your love too and everything else doesn’t matter actually.


Download and Print Humorous Wedding Invitation Template 

Free Printable Humorous Wedding Greeting Card Template

Download and Print Humorous Wedding Garland 

Humorous Wedding Flyer Template

Download and Print Humorous Wedding  Favor Label

Free Printable  Humorous Wedding Gift Tag

Free Printable  Humorous Wedding Place Card

Humorous Wedding Return Address Label Template

Download and Print Humorous Wedding RSVP Card Label

Humorous Wedding Thank You Card Template 

Download and Print Humorous Wedding Coloring Page Greeting Card