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Free Western Birthday Printables & Ideas

Western birthdays are suitable for kids and adults alike.

You can adjust the theme according to the age of the guests and make an event that they will all remember.

From decorations to invitations you can do all this in a simple yet effective way to create the suitable atmosphere for such a party.




If you organize a western birthday for kids, you can make it a cowboy-cowgirl theme party.You can decorate the house with some stuffed toys such as horses, cows and so on.

You should also look for small cowboy hats and give each guest one so they can wear it during the party. This can also serve as party favors for the guests. Use red and white checkered tablecloths and get small hay bales.

You can get these in your local craft stores. Create a fun poster with your kid that says Wanted and hang it on the door. You can also get some red bandanas for all the guests to wear. These can also serve as decorations for the table and on the wall.



Similarly to the poster that you hang on the wall, take a photo of your kid in a bandit outfit and look for an invitation template that says Wanted and has a vintage effect. You can then use this for the invitations. Make sure it looks old and a bit faded. You can print it on recycled paper or special vintage looking paper that you can find in craft stores. Buy matching envelopes.

Download Kids Western Invitations


Chicken drumsticks, hotdogs, tortilla chips are all suitable food for such a theme party. Also serve biscuits and crackers in shape of barn animals. Make a birthday cake in the shape of a horseshoe.


For kids that are young you should get cowboy coloring pages. You can find free printable ones online. This should get the little ones occupied for a while. You can also organize games such as horseshoes, which is a popular game among children of all ages.

Watch a western movie that the kids would also like, or show them a rodeo show. You can also look for cartoons that have a similar theme. This you can use at the beginning of the party as an icebreaker or at the end when everybody is a bit tired. Make sure you also play some cowboy music. For this you will need a metal or plastic horseshoes game set. You can get plastic ones for the smaller kids and metal ones for the older kids.

If the kids are a bit older, you can also make a craft activity where they can make their own badges.


Western Parties For Adults

If you want to organize a western theme part for adults, you should make it a costume part where everybody has to dress up into cowgirl and cowboy outfits. Make the costumes compulsory, it will be more fun. You can also have a competition and have a price for the best costume. You can make it potluck and all the guest can bring some food with them that fits with the theme. There are plenty of western theme supplies online.