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Downloadable Wedding Invitations and Wordings

The first impression wedding invitation makes upon inviting our guests needs to be a truly breathtaking one.

It is something that first comes in the hands of the guests who would ultimately make the ceremony a truly remembering one. I think myself that we must make it a point to make the wedding invitations innovative and nice in their own design so as to get an essence of thrill as well as grandeur to the entire event.

We have some fabulous creative budget wedding invitation downloads online for you to get a little creative and design a cheap and affordable card that looks like you spent a fortune.

The custom invitation that you create will express your feelings and thoughts and be as beautiful as any card you could possibly want to send to friends and family everywhere.

It is easy to custom make your own wedding invitation here because we have the template that is easy to use with all instruction you need to make a beautiful card.

To create a special card all you need is a computer and a printer. No software is required and you do not need to spend hours designing your invitation. Have it done in minutes and print one out to see if it is exactly what you want. If not make a few adjustments and see if you have the perfect card.

Why Download and Print Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

You may find the idea of do it yourself wedding invitations intriguing but probably have a lot of questions. We will try to answer the questions brides most often ask:

The number one question is:

 1. Why would anyone want to make their own invitations?

The number one answer is to save money. Commercially printed invitations for 100 people can cost more than the wedding gown. We have seen wedding invitations with all of the enclosures selling for $5.00 each. You can do 100 invitations for under $50.00.

2. Where can I find wedding invitation design and ideas to use on the unique discount wedding invitations I want to make? 

There are a few sites that offer printable invitations, but only our designs feature a lovable couple of flowers Nora and Norman and they are irresistible and unique.

We also have many samples of unique verse. You are welcome to use the free printable wedding invitation template of your choice and any of the designs and creative wording on the site at absolutely no cost to you.

3. Where can I get the card stock and paper I will need to make my own, low cost, cheap, wedding invitations?

There are dozens of websites where you can find wedding invitation kits. We have a links to recommend sources where you can get what you need. You can also buy the kits in many stationary, party and craft stores.

4. My fiance is a professional rodeo rider, can we make western themed invitations?

The beauty of do it yourself wedding invitations is that they can reflect a profession, hobby activity or fantasy.

5. I don’t have the time to sit and make more than 100 wedding invitations, what can I do?

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to make your invitations. Once you have chosen your design and selected or written the wording, all you have to do is load your cards into your laser or inkjet printer, enter the number of invitations you want and then hit print.

Do it yourself wedding invitations allow you to use or adapt traditional and modern etiquette in design and wording.


Many of my friends seek different wedding invitations that would be a combination of unique as well as unconventional ones. This is where likes the entire trick. It is something that makes the choice even more difficult as well as challenging. 

The team of designers who put up content on this site makes it a point that there is something for each person who looks into the content of this web site. Here you can find wordings and desgins for different wedding invitations like “Afro Wedding Invitations”, “Autumn Wedding Invitations”, “Beach Wedding Invitations”, “Bridal Shower Wedding Invitations”, “Butterfly Wedding Invitations”, “Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Invitations”, “Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Invitations”, “Canadian Wedding Invitations”, “Catholic Wedding Invitations” and so many others. Right from the list I have mentioned you can make an idea about great variety that the web site offers!

All you need to do is select a specific invitation and once you click upon its link the entire invitation would open up in a PDF format that you can directly download and save upon your computer. Once downloaded, go ahead and print the invitations and you are ready to send them to your guests! Indeed it is that easy and simple yet has so much innovation.


Maria. F. U.K.

Who wouldn’t want free and unique handmade wedding invitations? I know I would have jumped at a chance like that when our daughters were getting married. When you print your cards from the this site, cheap wedding invitation does not mean poor quality, cheap means low in cost. Once you have chosen your design, you have to decide on the unique verse that is perfect for your wedding design. Making your own wedding stationary allows you to create invitations that are uniquely your own. Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be when they see the work you did on your free and unique handmade wedding invitations.

You can even select wording that reflects your ethnic and or spiritual heritage. Making your own invitations also allows you to word the invitations to fit any circumstances that differ from the parents of the bride hosting the wedding. That would include a single or divorced parent being the host, the bride and groom hosting their own wedding, remarried parent and stepparent hosting or both parents remarried and jointly hosting, the list goes on. It also includes children hosting a parent’s wedding. Ethnic ceremonies also require unique discount wedding invitations. All of these special situations can explain why more and more folks are moving away from the traditional formal invitation and verse, and using free unique handmade wedding invitations. Did you know that you can purchase wedding invitation kits both online and in craft and stationary stores? The kits include the cardstock and envelopes for invitations and reply cards. Some even come with CD’s with printable verse and designs.

Do you want to honor your Native American, African American or other ethnic origins in your wedding stationary? You can do that with colors and drawings. For instance a shamrock or Celtic cross for Irish, a buffalo and or feathers for Native American, and a star of David, ram’s horn or menorah for Jewish heritage. You get the idea. Your invitation can also reflect a common interest such as skydiving. Your verse could include “join us as we jump into the future together.” For a beach wedding you could use a phrase “as we dive into the sea of matrimony together.” My friends’ daughter made her own invitations honoring her African American heritage by announcing that she and her groom would “jump the broom”. It was mentioned on the invitations.You can either make your invitations using our free and unique handmade wedding invitations or order handmade invitations from one of our recommended resources.


R. Miles, AZ



 A wedding is always a wonderful occasion to celebrate and I have always enjoyed the weddings of each of my daughters. My last daughter got married just last month and it was again a great time to celebrate the occasion with friends and family.  Of course, being the parents of the bride, I and my husband had our fair share of stressful moments making the various arrangements for the wedding. But it was all worth the trouble when everything went on so well in the end. We wondered where to find free wedding invitations to print out? We were so happy when we found this site! Thank you so much. Everyone was happy when the wedding vows were exchanged and the marriage solemnized. It was so wonderful to see my last child in her wedding gown. She also got her favorite stone for her wedding ring.


A. Holmes


We had a lot of planning to do as the date of the wedding approached. I knew that we had to start fairly early with the printing of the wedding invitation cards as that was one of the first items in our agenda. Since we did not have sufficient time to employ a professional service to do the printing for us, my husband suggested that we get free wedding invitations to print out right here at home. This would help us get things done much faster too. So we both searched online for a good website which had wedding invitation samples. My husband spotted this site, which had a great variety of sample invitations for different occasions. So we both short listed a few samples and then showed them to our daughter and let her decide on the final choice. Then whatever sample she chose, we used as the free wedding invitations to print out on our computer. The cards looked so professional that many invitees could not believe that we did them by ourselves at home without any professional help.

Mother of the Bride
Margaret Thomas, PA