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150 Totally Free Printable Return Address Labels Templates

Find here more than 150 totally free address labels. Use them on your letters, greeting cards, post cards, invitations. They are all hand painted, cute and totally free for you to use!

 What Are Return Address Labels?

Return address labels are labels that contain your address and you use them when you send a letter to someone.

It is relevant to provide the recipient with a way to contact you, or in case the letter never arrived to the destination, it can be sent back to you by the post office thanks to such a label.

This address label is most of the times adhesive that can easily be applied to envelopes and packages as well.
You can use them for various purposes, such as for your business to appear more professional.

You can add your logo to a return address label. You can use them for family letters and packages, for example during holidays. This will save you a lot of time: you no longer need to write on each individual postcard or letter. You can design a lovely address label for individual purposes and have it customized. Personalized address labels during holidays make the letters even more attractive and holiday like.

A return address doesn't necessarily have to contain your name, but it has to contain your address, with all the information that a delivery address has. Usually the return address is located in the upper left corner of the envelope, so if you have a return address label, place it on this spot. This might however differ from country to country, for example in the United Kingdom the return address label is usually placed on the reverse side of the envelope. Depending on what country you are living in, you might want to find out the correct place of the return address label.

Having a return address label also helps against dead letter mail, which means that the letter is lost, it cannot be delivered to the recipient neither to the sender.

Our designs are hand-painted and can be easily personalized and customized according to your purpose. You can add your text and company logo for example, or simply choose a holiday theme label for Christmas cards, Thanksgiving, Easter and so on.

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