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Samples of Engagement Announcements

Samples of engagement announcements that may suit you and your partner.

“I am finally engaged”, my best friend Susan told me the other day.

She was so happy that she wanted to scream it to the whole world. Susan was completely lost in her happiness.

She wanted to tell all her friends and family about her engagement but most of them live far from her, and calling them on the phone would be very expansive.

Sending engagement announcement by post will take her plenty of time and she didn’t want to bother herself with that annoying work. Then I told her that there are other ways to inform her friends and family about her engagements and that is: announcing her new status in the newspapers. And so she did. Susan and her boyfriend John announced their engagement in the newspapers.

Putting the engagement announcements in some newspapers is a perfect way to spread news of the new status of a couple and at the same time to prepare their family and friends, they are going to invite, for the upcoming wedding. It is very important to choose the most popular newspapers and you must be sure the people who matter to you read them.

If most of your friends and family live in your hometown and there are some local magazines the job is almost done. All people you care about will know about your engagement.Writing engagement announcements is the first step to marriage for many people. This way they will tell the rest of the world that they are in love and that they are officially engaged. They enjoy in their happiness and want others to enjoy with them.

It is not hard work putting engagement announcement in the newspapers but some people don’t know how to write an engagement announcement. Those having problem with writing engagement announcements have visited the perfect place. Here they will find some samples of engagement announcements, which can be formal or non-formal. What style in writing engagement announcements you are going to use is up to you, up to your personality and your mood.

This is the sample engagement announcement in newspaper that I have read some time ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer, of San Diego, California, announce the engagement of their daughter Miss Ann Homer to Mr. Ryan Brown. An August wedding is planned.

If you prefer non-formal announcements, you can add any text you like. You can add some nice adjectives and make your announcements more interesting and elegant. Some young couples wish to share the moment of their engagement with dear friends and close members of their families making a special party in honor of their wedding.

This moment is very special to them and so the ceremony should be. Wishing to share this very exciting day with other people, they prepare parties and for that ceremony, they need engagement invitations. The appearance of these invitations can vary depending on your style and type of party you are going to make. No matter what kind of party you wish to make invitations should be very interesting and attractive to the invites.


Mary Johnson, SC

Wedding Announcement Example Wording

Can’t believe that my kid sister is getting married next month.

She was born almost ten years after me. I was always her BIG brother that she looked up to. I was very fond of her naturally than my other siblings who were all boys.

Since she was so small and being the only girl in the family, she always was our favorite.

She enjoyed everyone’s love and attention. She could always get what she wanted by hook or by crook. And none of us minded too.

But the years have rolled by incredibly fast. She was gone for about three years for her college studies to another state. That’s where she met her fiancé. And now they are getting married. It is almost like a dream to all of us.

The little girl in the family is getting married. So everyone is truly excited. We are all of to making various arrangements. She has allotted each one our duties.

I am in charge of designing and printing the invitation cards to family and friends. Initially I was at a loss as to where to get the correct wordings for the wedding invitations. I knew there were sites for wedding presents and ecards and so on. But I didn’t know where to get wedding verses or text that I could download.


Big brother
Jim White, SC

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