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Free Printable Sweet Safari Birthday Invitation Template

The Sweet Safari theme is mostly for very young children, both for girls and boys.

It is popular among kids between 1 and 4 years old.

The cute hippos, elephants and zebras win the hearts of everyone, and the soft colors of pink and blue are the favorite of many children.


Sweet Safari Party Invitations

Sweet safari birthday invitations are adorable. They usually feature cute animals from the safari, such as elephants, lions, tigers, zebras and the like.

They are known for their soft, pastel colors. Most of the times they are baby animals smiling at you. Choose such an invitation and all guests will love it! Most invitations that are printable and downloadable come in more sizes that you can choose from.They also often come with fun wordings and nursery rhymes.

Hand-painted Sweet Safari Invitation:

Sweet Safari  Birthday Party Invitation Card

Sweet Safari Birthday Greeting Card Template

 Sweet Safari Birthday Square Garland

Sweet Safari Birthday Party Flyer

Sweet Safari Birthday Favor Label Sticker

Sweet Safari Birthday Gift Tag Template

Sweet Safari Birthday Place Card

Sweet Safari Return Address Label

Sweet Safari Birthday RSVP Party Card

Sweet Safari Birthday Party Thank You Card Template

Sweet Safari Birthday Coloring Greeting Card

Sweet Safari Party Food

 This is the time to look for animal cookie cutters and get pink and white icing sugar. You can make cookies in various shapes, depending on what type of cutters you have, but all these are suitable: elephant, hippo, giraffe, lion and so on. If you want to use more colors, baby blue also fits to this theme.
Serve other sweets as well such as marshmallows, and for snacks make mini hot dogs and mini pizzas.

Sweet Safari Party Games

 If you get a sweet safari birthday package, it also comes with some toys and games. However, you can prepare other games as well. You can ask the kids to dress up in safari wear with khaki outfit and hats. You can also provide such costumes so kids can play in them during the party. It creates a great atmosphere!

During the party you can play cartoons that fit to the theme and let the kids watch a few.
Look for sweet safari playing cards that you can play a memory game with. This is especially great if the kids are younger.

Sweet Safari Party Decorations

The easiest way to deal with the decorations and supplies is getting them all in a package. There are safari theme packages that come with various items such as centerpieces, tablecloth, napkins, table ware, balloons, ribbons, favors, candles and more, all fitting to the theme.

The cheapest way is getting free printable decorations that you can download and print. For example you can download animal safari clip arts and cut them out after you have printed them. These sweet safari animals can be used then to decorate the table, cupcakes, the door etc. You can even use them to create a centerpiece. Often many other items can be also found in a printable format, such as cupcake wrappers and mini tags for the kids.