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Free Printable St Valentine’s Cards

Use the Valentine Cards To Print and express your love

Valentines Day is a day for showing the affection and love you hold for your near and dear ones.

Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14th of February.

On Valentines Day you can bring a smile on his face by gifting the special person in your life a card which reciprocates your emotion.

Valentines Day is not only meant for boyfriend and girlfriends. The day can be celebrated also for your children, parents, teacher, as it is a day for making someone feels special.

Many Valentine Cards to Print are also available which can perfectly show of your feelings. It is a way to create your own thoughts, to make the special person feel that you are there for him/her. The content can be written by you (if you wish) and then send the valentine cards to print. Our very own card can be created by attaching a picture on the card which implies what you think about the love of your life. Various expressions can be written inside the card such as:

St. Valentines Wordings For Special Friends:

1. Just had to send a special friend, a wish for love and laughter.

2. Friends are born, not made.

For Love of Your Life

1. This Valentine was sealed with a kiss. My dog licked it!

2. Sorry this Valentine is wrinkled. I hugged it!

For Your Parents, Teachers, Children

1. Be happy. It’s a way of being wise.

2. Your happiness brings a smile to my face.

3. You are the one who matters the most to me.


            Thus Valentine cards can express the happiness, love, respect and what you feel about the other person.
You do not have to buy expensive Valentine’s Day cards. You can find Valentine cards to print right here on this site.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to greet the love of your life with beautiful Valentine card. But if you wish to buy a good Valentine card at the gift store, it could sometimes be a little on the expensive side. If fact, you do not have to buy expensive cards at all. On this site, you can find a whole variety of beautiful Valentine cards that are great for the occasion. Moreover, these are Valentine cards to print on your home printer.

Download St. Valentines Day Heart Greeting Card

So, finding the perfect card might always be a problem. That is why; you need to have the option to create your own cards with a little help and assistance. On this site, you can create your own Valentine cards, the way you have envisioned them in your mind. And even if you are a little weak in coming up with your own design, the site will assist you to create an impressive card that would truly stun your Valentine.

Behold the Past with the Old Valentine Cards

It had been an awesome gift. It had been an emotion carrier. It had been the cause of smile of a beloved since years. It had been old Valentine card…Starting from the middle ages continuing to the present age through the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, pre Victorian and Victorian ages in its different forms, shapes and sizes Valentine cards have been best of gifts to express love to the beloved.

Valentine cards bring back the memories of the beginning of a loving journey. Your old Valentine cards presented to you by your loved one will enliven the past and that will help you make your present more beautiful and enjoyable. Isn’t it great to cherish, the old times you have spent with your sweetheart, at the present. Just imagine how much pleasure it will bring when you will be seeing the old cards, letters and gifts that your dear presented you quite a time back. It is sure to bring a wide smile on your face.

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Angel Greeting Card

Sometimes situation may come when your sweetheart is not with you to celebrate the present Valentine’s Day and you are missing him/her too much. You badly want to be with him/her. Your old Valentine cards can make you feel better. It is sure that the cards can’t fill your longing for your sweetheart but those can work can as a nostalgia.

When you are feeling sad and missing him/her the cards will fill your mind with the sweet memories of the past times that you have spent with him/her. It will get you back to the loving moments when you have cuddled and been close to him/her. These sweet memories are sure to lessen your grief of being far from your love. Well, stop missing him/her and indulge yourself in the sweet memories of the past.

Antique and vintage items have their special appeal. This is the right place for old Valentine cards. All of us sure have a liking for antique stuff. Be it antique jewelry, books, stamps, maps, newspapers, or automobiles, we have a certain amount of fascination for these articles from the past.

Many people even have a great interest for antique greeting cards. Especially during the Valentine’s season, there are those that search for the old Valentines cards. They might do this for a variety of reasons. They might either want to send an expensive antique card for the valentine. Or they might want to create a replica of the card to send later. On they might be deriving inspiration from the old card to make their own.

Vintage St. Valentines Day Heart Greeting Card Template

Send Across Your Love Message with the Online Valentine Cards

With important and attractive features online Valentine cards are the best and the easiest gifts to be send. It takes just a few minutes and little efforts to send these cards. These cards can also be called as e-cards. No matter where your beloved is, he/she may be far from you where you cannot give him the card and the gifts in person then you can choose to send online Valentine cards

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Cat Greeting Card

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Funny Heart Greeting Card

Printable Valentine Cards for Kids are a Lot of Fun!

Kids are the happiest when Valentine’s Day comes around. They enjoy a little party at school and handing out their cards to all their friends. Printable Valentine cards for kids at has so many different cards that kids can choose and print. They can print a different card for each friend and every teacher. Kids will have so much fun picking out all their cards. There is nothing more precious than seeing the excitement on Teddy Bear Be My Valentine their faces as they pick and choose what cards they want for each friend on their list. They will want to get every card just right.

Another great place for finding printable Valentine cards for kids is at This website has cards for kids to choose just the right one. Because there are so many different cards, your child will have a delightful time picking each card for their friends. They will also have fun choosing just the right cards for their teachers. There is nothing more special than choosing Valentine’s Day cards for people you care about and for kids it is even more special. They get so excited and giggly when looking at all the funny cards to give out.

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Teddy Bear Greeting Card

After your kids find all the cards that they want, you can print them out and let them right their names on the cards. Printable Valentine cards for kids can be used for adults as well. Sometimes, you just want to be funny and different. If you have someone to give a card to and they have a humorous side to them, you might want to give them a kids Valentine card.

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Kids Greeting Card

Free Printable St. Valentines Day Couple Greeting Card

Create Your Own Valentine Day Sayings

Valentine Day cad sayings can be romantic or humorous. They can be made for one particular person or for a general group. You can use the sayings to say how you feel. The best part about the sayings in a card is that they tell how you feel about the person that is receiving the card.
You can find sayings that talk about love or describes how much someone means to you. However, you feel at the time, you can find a beautiful saying to express yourself. All you need is some ideas about the different saying that fit the day.

Here is one serious Valentine Day card saying as an example.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao-Tzu

Here is a saying that can be funny and given to anyone.

“You can’t put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.”Melanie Clark

Here is a saying for a card you give to a friend.

“Sometimes I want to shout to the whole world how lucky i am to have you as my friend but sometimes I want to hush…afraid that somebody might take you away from me.


Valentine Day card sayings are endless. As you can see, it does not matter what you want to say, it is when and how you say it. Make the most of this special day and let someone know that you are thinking about him or her.

You will see how happy your card makes them feel. It can be funny, serious or a general friendship card with a cute little saying. You are the one that is giving the card and can say how you feel. The day is fast approaching, so find your special saying and have the card ready.

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