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Free Printable Princess Birthday Party Invitation Template

If you have a little girl, no matter how old she is, you cannot go wrong with a princess birthday party. She will love it and her friends will love it as well. Keep in mind that boys probably won’t enjoy a princess birthday party so much.

Princess Party Invitations

Princess invitations can be of many kinds but most popular are Disney.

If you want something truly special and memorable, get one where you can also add a photo.

Take a photo of your little girl in a princess outfit, and then add the photo to the template of the invitation. You can then print this out and send it to the guest.

You can also keep one as a memory for your daughter when she gets older. Princess invitations with a castle in the background, a crown or pink glitter are great for this party.

Here is our hand-painted princess invitation template:

Princess  Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Princess Birthday Greeting Card

Princess Birthday Square Garland

Princess Birthday Party Flyer Invitation

Princess Birthday Favor Label Sticker

Princess Birthday Gift Tag Template

Princess Birthday Place Card

Princess Birthday Return Address Lebel

Princess Birthday RSVP Party Card

Princess Party Thank You Card Template

Princess Birthday Coloring Greeting Card

Download Hand Painted Printable Princess Crown Template

Princess Party Food

Use a lot of glittering sugar, various types of icing sugar in pink color to sprinkle over cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Your favorite cupcakes with whipped cream on top and some pink sugar are perfect for such a party. Get lots of pink candy and pink jelly beans as well, you can place these in glass trays and bowls and put them on the table. Pink lollypops are also great for a princess party.

Serve heart shapes sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly, and get jelly that is red or pink (such as strawberry jelly). Dip strawberries in chocolate and serve them on a glass tray. Fruit tarts also fit for this party. Make pink jelly and serve it in glass cups with pink crystal sugar on top and some whipped cream.

When you serve juices and sodas, serve them with heart shaped ice cubes.

Princess Party Games

Give the little princesses the chance to dance! Select some Disney princess songs that they know and let them dance for a while. You can create a dance floor using a round blanket. The little girls will love to dance around in their pretty dresses.

If the kids are a bit older, you can come up with a crafting game. You can provide some ribbons and beads, and they can all make their own princess jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet. They can also take these home with them later on.

Princess Party Decorations

You can create a real princess like atmosphere by asking all girls to come in princess outfits. If you can, provide costumes, or a crown for each little girl that comes to the party.
The best theme color for a princess birthday party is pink. There are plenty of free printable decorations for such a party, such as table cards, cake toppers and even games. You can even find a paper crown printable design that each guest can have and wear when they arrive. You can buy some jewelry as well for the little girls that they can wear and take home after the party.