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Free Printable Ladybug Birthday Party Invitation Template

A ladybug birthday party is suitable mostly for little girls between ages 1 and 5

It is not only a fun party but it is also easy to organize.

Additionally all kids love ladybugs, so you cannot go wrong with such a theme.

Ladybug Party Invitations

Free printable invitations are the best choice for a ladybug party. There are various options to choose from, but they all feature ladybugs, so for sure your kid will love them. If you want to be very creative, choose the invitations that come in the shape of a ladybug and are round! You might need special envelopes for these, but it is worth it.

Free printable hand-painted  ladybug Invitation:

 LadyBug Birthday  Invitation Card Template

LadyBug Birthday Greeting Card

LadyBug Birthday Squard Garland

LadyBug Birthday Party Flyer Invitation

LadyBug Birthday Favor Label Sticker

LadyBug Birthday Gift Tag

LadyBug Birthday Place Card Template

LadyBug Birthday  Return Address Label

LadyBug Birthday RSVP Party Card Template

LadyBug Birthday Thank You Card

LadyBug Coloring Greeting Page

Ladybug Party Food

         There are baking molds for cakes with the shape of a ladybug that would be fantastic for such a birthday party. After you have baked the cake, you can use black and red icing sugar to decorate it and make it look like an authentic ladybug. In a similar manner you can make cupcakes and even cookies and decorate them with black and red icing sugar.

Serve red colored juice for the party, such as strawberry juice, raspberry juice or cherry soda.

Ladybug Party Games

               Do some crafts together: each kid can make his or her own lady bug crown. For this you will need red and black cardboard and some glue. Kids can cut out the dots and the form of the crown, glue them together and then wear the lady bug crown during the party. You can make antennas to add to these headbands using black pipe cleaners and pompons at the end. You should prepare all the necessary items before the party and help the kids with the crafting process.

Another fun activity can be decorating cupcakes with red and black icing sugar to make them look like ladybugs. For this you can bake the cupcakes and prepare everything, so the kids can just spend their time decorating. These cupcakes can also be the favors that each kid can take home and enjoy.

Ladybug Party Decorations

                 For the lady bug theme there are many decorations that work well and that are also easy to make. You can get red balloons and make black dots out of adhesive paper. You can do something similar with a tablecloth: just use a simple red tablecloth and cut out circles of a black fabric to decorate it. Using the same method you can make lots of other decoration as well in a very simple way.

Don’t forget about printable decorations either. Free ladybug printable include paper trays, table decorations, hanging decorations, cupcake circles, signs and more. You have to print them and cut them out at home, and they are ready to be used.