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Free Printable Jungle Kids Party Invitations

About Jungle Kids Party....

Kids love animals, and if your child is crazy for lions, zebras, monkeys, leopards and other similar animals, organize a jungle theme party.

 With the right kind of supplies and decorations you can make the party come alive and the jungle as well!

This kind of party is especially popular among smaller kids.


          Sending out creative invitations for a jungle party will make the kids even more excited. You can buy animal print invitations, such as zebra, cheetah or tiger.

For the invitations jungle foliage is also a good choice. Whichever you choose, make sure it fits to the theme. There are also cute jungle theme invitations for smaller kids with baby animals from the jungle.

You can also get creative and write the invitations on paper it the shape of palm leaves. The fanciest invitations for such a party are the unfolding ones, which come in the shape of an animal.

Jungle Kids Birthday Party Invitation Card

Jungle Kids Birthday Greeting Card 

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           Watch a movie! It is a good start or a good ending for the party. Madagascar, the Lion King or the Book of Jungle are movies that all kids love. It is also a good idea to have a break from games and show some images of the jungle animals and say a few things about them. This is not only educational, but also fun. You can even watch an animal planet show together.

If you want to be really cool, hire a reptile handler who can come and show snakes to the kids and teach them a few things. For sure they will find it amazing to have the chance to touch these rare animals.

Supplies and Decorations

             How about getting some safari balloons? Such balloons have safari patterns and they will give a nice atmosphere to the party. Animal print lanterns are also a great choice especially if you decide to keep the party somewhere outside, such as in your yard.

When you decorate the table, you can get similar supplies: animal print napkins, and disposable animal print plates and cups. An animal print tablecloth is also important. Choose various ones: zebra, leopard, giraffe and so on. If the kids are smaller, get these supplies with cute baby animals on them such as baby monkeys, baby giraffes and so on.

You can even get some extra supplies to make the party even more interesting. You can get safari hats and vests, toy binoculars and stuffed animals. You can also get an animal print rug to make the room look more fun. For a piñata you can get a jungle animal one: a tiger for example.

To set the mood in the beginning choose a jungle theme movie, such as the Book of jungle, the Lion kind or something else. Also get some music that is suitable.

Some shops sell party supplies where you can even get balloons in the shape of jungle animals. These can be a wonderful decoration, and at the end of the party they can serve as party favors: each kid can take one home.


           For snack serve animal crackers or animal shaped cookies. Bake cupcakes and add marzipan animals on top of each (elephants, zebras, tigers, panthers etc.) Buy insect gummy candy, and also scatter around the table.

With jungle animal shaped cookie cutters, you can make all kinds of cookies in the shape of jungle animals.

This can be a part of the decoration as well: place bananas, coconuts, mango, papaya and pineapple around the table. Kids can eat them as well. Also make a big fruit salad from such exotic fruits.

When you are choosing a cake, get one that is covered in green frosting, and then decorate it with jungle animals made out of marzipan. You can make an exotic fruit cake with coconut shredding on top.

Make peanut butter and banana sandwiches and peanut butter with papaya jelly sandwiches.