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Free Printable Invitation Templates for Kids Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party for kids can be quite stressful....

......but not if you have some basic tips which can make you more relaxed, and also offer a great experience to your kid.

In the end, such a party can even be fun for you!

Party Themes 

         When it comes to children’s birthday parties, there are a lot of fun themes that can make it unforgettable.

You can choose a theme according to the gender and age of your child. For boys you can have Superman theme parties, construction, Pokémon, pirates, Transformers, and Army theme parties, baseball theme, basketball parties, dinosaur, jungle, Lego, Mickey, Outer space theme parties, Star Wars and more.

For girls the most popular themes are Monster High, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, luau party, ballerina , Barbie party, Disney princess, fairy, little mermaid , slumber, tea party and more.

1st birthday care bear party

Free Printable 1St Birthday Party Invitation Template

Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Disney Mickey Mouse Invitation Template

Disney Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Disney Minnie Party Invitation

Cinderela Birthday Invitation template

 Free Printable Princess Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Lady Bug Invitation Template

Free Printable Sweet Safary Invitation

Care Bear Birthday Invitation template

Free Printable Care Bear Party Invitation

Princess Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Princess Invitation

Kids Pirate Free Printable Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Kids Tea Party Invitation

Free Printable Kids Beach Party Invitation

Free Printable Kids Pool Party Invitation

Jungle  Party Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Kids Jungle Party Invitation

Bowling  Party Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Bowling Party Invitation

Ice Cream Party Invitation

Free Printable Ice Cream Party Invitation

Power Ranger Party Invitation

Free Printable Power Ranger Party Invitation

otball  Birthday Party Invitation

Free Printable Football Party Invitation

Twins  Birthday Party Invitation

Free Printable Twins Birthday Party Invitation

Barn Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Barn Birthday Invitation

Curious George Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Curious George Birthday Invitation

Betty Boop  Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Betty Boop Birthday Invitation

Bugs Bunny Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Bugs Bunny Birthday Invitation

Superman Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation

Batman Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Batman Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Firefighter Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Firefighter Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Kids Star Wars Birthday Invitation Template

You Are My Sunshine Theme Party Invitation

Free Printable Lego Star War Birthday Invitation Template

Free Printable Baby Star War Birthday Invitation Template

New Printables Are Coming All The Time! Check Back Soon!

Places – Venues – Locations

          You don’t have to have a birthday party in the house, especially if you are worried about lots of mess later and stains on the carpet. You can organize a party outside in the yard as well: it is also more fun for the kids to be outside if the weather is nice. If you have a pool, it’s even better: pool parties are some of the favorite of children of all ages.

If you are more adventurous and you want to make the party even more memorable, you can go to the zoo, to a National park, an ice skating park, an adventure park or even go to a nature center, to a rock climbing center or to a water park. If there aren’t too many kids coming for the party these places can also be unforgettable and also safe enough.

For more relaxed birthday parties you can take out all the kids to a burger place and celebrate there. There are endless options, and if you choose not to have a party at home, you don’t have to worry about the mess later. If you are not so sure which one would be the best place, you can also look up venues for children’s parties in your area. There are lots of places to rent that you can choose from!

Kids Party Food

           If you have never organized a birthday party before for kids, you should know that they love sweets and that they will expect with lots of excitement the sugary treats that you are about to offer them. Besides providing enough sweets for kids, you should also make sure that they look fun, colorful and interesting, and they will love them even more.

With some food coloring and some creativity you can easily create deserts and food that fits with the theme of the party. Cookies, lollipops, colorful jelly and rainbow cakes fit with any kind of party and so does ice-cream. Tarts and fruit also shouldn’t be missing.

If you want to make the kids rejoice, make cupcakes. Everybody likes cupcakes, especially the ones that are decorated with colorful candy and whipped cream. It is easy to get birthday party supplies such as cupcake containers with the theme of the party: Disney princesses, Elmo, Transformers, Start wars and more.

Another great idea which is also easy is ordering pizza. All kids love pizza, and it will be also less stress for you.
If you decide to make sandwiches, you can use cookie cutters to cut them into shapes of starts, hearts etc., small kids especially love these.

Don’t forget other snacks as well, such as popcorn, crisps, mini pizzas, dips, cheese cubes, and mini sausages. Pigs in a blanket are also easy to get and you only need to put them in the oven.

Kids Party Games

          Games are necessary for a party, especially in the beginning to break the ice and make children feel more comfortable. Remember that the right game also depends on the age of the children.

The classic games are such as Simon says, which small children love, Bubbles, when children can catch the bubbles that you have blown. Pin the tail on the donkey is another classic game that you can play during a birthday party, and it is suitable for older kids as well. Don’t forget about treasure hunt either: it is adventurous and kids love it!

Kids Party Supplies

          Party supplies include party favors, decorations of all kinds, piñatas, balloons, and birthday invites. According to the theme of the party you are organizing you can buy banners, hanging decorations, birthday centerpieces, confetti, signs, cutouts, party lights and more. It would be great to have a life-size cutout of the Disney princesses for a Disney princess party theme, right? You can buy most party supplies such as these from the internet. Great websites to buy supplies from are Party Express and Party City.

Kids Party Bags

          Party bags are prefilled bags with sweets that are ready to be served at the party. These pre-filled bags vary according to the theme of the party or whether it is for girls or for boys. There are character party bags, activity bags, build your own bags and more. Some party bags include lots of toys and other things that kids can occupy themselves with.

Kids Party Decorations

        Decorating the whole house or party venue with balloons, banners, and signs that reflect the party theme can create and amazing atmosphere. One of the most important decorations for a birthday party for kids is the piñata. This shouldn’t be missing from the party. A piñata is a character, usually an animal or simply a star or a globe that is filled with candy. Once the piñata is hit in the right place, all the candy will fallout and everybody can grab as much as they can.

Besides decorations hanging from the wall, don’t forget to get napkins, plates and cups fitting to the theme that you have chosen.

Kids Party Invitations

          Once you have all this figured out don’t forget about the invitations either. You can find invitations in stationary stores, but it is easier to find free printable invitations online. There are also lots of templates that you can download and customize, and simply print out at home. Such invitations are a great way to save money and time. Personalizing them can also be a fun thing that you do together with your kid.