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Free Printable Birthday Greeting Cards Online

Our life is composed of many small events and occurrences bonded together.

When we have a reason to celebrate, we call family and friends – Be it a baby shower, wedding, baptism announcement, graduation party, pool party etc. the list is almost endless.

Don't forget those important events - send a card! It doesn't have to be expensive at all! Download free printable greeting cards - use our designs and cards for all sorts of events.

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Happy Birthday Wishes - Unique Personalized Samples

Some time ago I’ve realized, that original and “heart to heart” happy birthday wishes and sayings were difficult to come by. All I could find were same old, stereotype messages written on the cards. I am sure that long ago, people stopped even reading them. I know I did :-)

So, I took the old fashioned, all forgotten pen and started writing my own.

Where do I begin? Well from the easiest spot - myself: What kind of
a happy birthday wishes and sayings I would like to get? What would touch my heart? Then I remembered the power of the word: it can kill and it can rise from the death bed. Literally...Why not use that power in the most positive way? So I did! People started telling me that my words make people feel appreciated and good about themselves and about life itself!. Everybody loved my celebration messages for birthdays or any other special moments. I never did anything serious with my God given gift. Till now :-)

Once I realized what kind of positive emotional impact my simple ideas and style had on people, decided to share those ideas with others.

I would like you, my Internet friends, to achieve the same - see the spark of true happiness, amazement and gratitude in the eyes of your loved ones. I hope that this site will help you achieve just that. It might also inspire you to uncover those beautiful thoughts, hidden deep down in your heart. Once you start following the path that is offered to you here, you may be surprised by the great writer who is sitting right there - inside of you.

What is the best way to put your birthday wishes into words?

In my opinion, it doesn’t have to be written in the robust, flourishing style of a great poet or writer. It doesn’t have to rhyme. What matters the most is that you touch the heart of the person you love. Here’s how to do that:


1. Get personal in your birthday wishes wordings – Think of something that is dear to the person, and include those musings in your birthday card. It sounds almost too simple, but you will be surprised by the appreciation this kind of personal wording evokes. Your friend or family member will recognize that you took time to reflect on their interests.

For example, if he/she enjoys romantic movies, you could write something like:

 “On your birthday, I wish that you will see many more romantic movies, because they always inspire you to dream, and I wish that you will live out your dreams forever!”

(Inside this card, you could also include gift certificates to the cinema or theater.)

2. Consider the person’s life story: Think of a special moment in her/his life, and make your birthday wish wording based on that. For example:

 “On your birthday, I wish that you will always laugh the way you did at our graduation party. You were so full of joy that day, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it was to be near you and to know you so well.” 

3. Don’t shy away from intimacy: When you’re writing a personal birthday wish wording for someone with whom you share an intimate relationship, think of something precious to both of you, some “code” that only the two of you would understand. For example:


“On your birthday, I wish that you will wear ‘my favorite gown’ today and every single day of our life together – and you know why.”


As you can see, it’s really not difficult at all; you simply need to take a moment, think about the person for whom you are writing the birthday wishes, and words will begin to flow naturally.

Samples of Short Birthday Wishes:

I wish you all your dreams to come true! I wish it with all the responsibility of a faithful friend! But I wish you something more - always to have new dreams to aspire to! I wish it from all my heart! Happy Birthday!




I wish you health! It is implied.
I wish you a long life! It is absolutely clear also!
But except for health and long life, I wish you exciting days, countless adventures and magic!
Happy Birthday!




Forget about the worries and troubles
Meet your birthday with a smile!
Let days pass, but do not weigh,
Let years accumulate, but not be visible.




Basket with roses and kisses from me. I congratulate you for your birthday, dear.




Happy Birthday! Walk the path of life, studded with roses and flowers, and let every good thought be your dream come true!




From now and further I wish you health, happiness and good luck! Be young for a long time, live at least a century, laugh a lot and be successful in everything! Happy Birthday!




I wish you to find what you want,
to recognize it when you see it,
the happiness to get it
and the skill to keep it!




A word of advice - beware!
A request - do not change!
One wish - do not forget us!
One truth – we cannot live without you!




Be the most joyful, happiest,
good and gentle, be the most beautiful person!
Be the most careful, most beloved,
real, charming and the most unique!
Be good and strong!
Let's all that you dream for now come true!
Always Keep the Faith, Hope and Wisdom!




Be healthy and happy and very, very patient!Life will not be, you know, just roses and dreams, because there are thorns.. But when love reigns, prick does not hurt!



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