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Free Printable Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Theme Party

"As you sow so shall you reap."

This is very old saying generally used for directing people to do good deeds so they can reap good rewards in life.
Similarly when your child has put in so much effort and time in his studies, a graduation is like a reaping benefit in his life.

It is not just your child’s will and effort but your dreams coming alive with your child’s achievement.
Such a memorable event calls for a celebration- yeah! A graduation party.

It is amongst the special moments in your child’s life be it college or high-school and you can certainly set it apart by making it a surprise package.

Invite all friends and relatives if you think it will be fine with the child. Graduating students are mature and prefer some interesting theme in their parties.

It would nice to give them a taste of some adult life with luau theme or some periodical theme.


Download beautiful unique hand painted Graduation Invitation:

Download Free Printable Graduation Invitation Template

Download Free Printable Graduation Invitation Template

Download Free Printable Graduation Invitation Template

A Hollywood theme graduation party would take the cake and make the entire invited friend’s special too with red carpet welcome. You can choose suitable theme that coincides with your budget and order specific supplies for your graduation party. As the graduation is a big event for your child, you can even work on this theme with great college styled décor, graduating hats amid other arrangements. Keep a scrap book for guests to write their wishes for your child life and success in future. It will be a great memento he can look back to. Music and great food is necessary in any party these days or it goes dim–dum.

Download Free Printable Graduation Invitation Template

If you are having a graduation theme party you will need to get some party supplies. You can find everything you need at local or on line discount graduation party supply stores. Choose a color scheme that matches the new graduate’s school colors when possible. The type of decorations you buy for a graduation theme party depends on the age of the guest of honor. Obviously the decorations, tableware, favors, invitations and balloons will be different for a kindergarten graduate than for a law school student.

Paper or plastic tableware is fine and suggested for the youngsters or a barbecue but for a young adult’s sit down dinner you may want to look into a party rental store. Everything you need from tablecloths to fine china can be rented. Be sure to purchase rental insurance that will cover the loss or damage to any of the vendor’s property.

 You may want to rent some decorative plants and centerpieces to give your party a more elegant feel. If the party is outside you might want to rent a dance floor. For the youngsters you can get water slides, ball pits and jumping tents, any of which the kids will enjoy immensely.

Before you make any purchases or sign a rental agreement determine your budget, expected number of guests and whether the party is going to be formal or casual. Your party store can help you decide on how much of each item you will need. You can buy some of your supplies such as tableware, balloons and favors in bulk. Some stores sell party packs for 25, 50 or 100 guests. The packs have plates, cups, utensils and napkins. Make sure you shop early for your party items. Since graduations are generally all around the same time your local discount graduation party supply store could run out of some necessary items.

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