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55 Free Printable Gift Tags Online Handpainted

Gift tags are small labels attached to the wrapped gift, usually with a nice design and a blank area where you can add the name of the person you want to give the gift to.

They can be used for a number of occasions, and their designs differ according to the occasion they are used for.

They are used when you want to make a special gift to someone, a family member or a friend, but they are also used in business environment and companies.

They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries and other holidays as well.

There are gift tags for kids and adults as well, and some for special theme parties too, such as beach parties, football parties, barbecue parties and so on.

Back to School Gift Tag

Batman Gift Tag

Betty Boop Gift Tag

Bowling Gift Tag

Bugs Bunny Gift Tag

Curious George Gift Tag

Firefighter Gift Tag

Football Gift Tag

Ice Cream Gift Tag

Labor Party Gift Tag

Mardi Grass Gift Tag

Murder Mystery Gift Tag

Power Ranger Gift Tag

Superman Gift Tag

Tween Party Gift Tag

Wedding Gift Tag

Holiday Gift Tags

Hanukkah Gift Tag

Hanukkah Gift Tag 2

New Year Gift Tag

Passover Gift Tag

Rosh Hashanah Gift Tag

Yom Kippur

 Fun Thanksgiving Gift Tag

Kids Thanksgiving Gift Tag

Thanksgiving Dinner Gift Tag

Thanksgiving Gift Tag

St. Patrick Gift Tag

 25 Free Christmas Gift Tags

All these gift tags and hand painted, therefore they are unique and artistic. You can find gift tags here for a number of occasions. You can find gift tags here for firefighter theme parties, teenager birthday parties, kids birthday parties and adult birthday parties, weddings, for valentine's day, for baptisms and much more. Basically you can find gift tags here for almost any occasion you can think of.

All these tags can be downloaded for free and they can be printed at home. You can add the information and personalize each tag, then simply print it, cut it out  and they are ready to use. If you print it on self adhesive paper, you can then apply them easily on wrapped gift boxes.

How to make a gift tag in Microsoft Windows:

Making gift tags in Microsoft Windows is relatively easy, you only need some basic knowledge of how the program works in order to make your very own gift labels.

Using downloadable templates

You can also choose to download gift labels from online that you can customize. To do this in an easy way you have to:

1.    Click on the File tab. Click New to create a new document.

2.    Look under Office. Click on templates and choose Labels.

3.    Browse though the options you have there. Choose the one you like and hit download.

4.    Customize and print the gift tags that you have chosen.

Using inbuilt tags

1.    Open Microsoft Windows

2.    To find the built in templates that the program has, click on Mailings.

3.    On the left choose Labels.

4.    Envelopes and Labels window will appear.

5.    You can now add the address or other information that needs to be on the gift label.

6.    On the left choose the print section.

7.    Click on Full page. Click on options and then click the down arrow. The default setting is Microsoft.

8.    Choose the brand of the gift tags, for example Avery, or office Depot.

9.    Scroll through the list and select the labels then click on OK.

10.    Now the labels are ready to print!