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Free Printable Family Tree Charts DIY, Blank & Custom Templates

What is a family tree chart?

Family tree charts are the perfect way to learn more about your ancestry. Family tree charts, or pedigree charts, are filled out so that you can follow your family line.

 In order to fill them out, you just download one of the charts off of this website, and start filling out the information that you already know.

This generally includes the names, dates of birth, and dates of death if you know them. Once you have the forms filled out this is when the real fun starts.

Start researching online, or through any family history books if you have them. Look for information that goes past the family tree line off of the top of your head.

As you continue to work backwards your family tree will start to grow bigger and bigger. As it continues to grow you will start to  branch out a lot. This is where the fun comes in, you can sometimes contact others who are into family history, or organizations and let them know your family tree.

They can look in their database and sometimes connect other family tree charts with your own.

What family tree includes?

It depends on the type of family tree or pedigree chart that you plan on using. Most family tree charts will include a spot for you to put the age of death of the individual, some will include areas for you to include religious information as well. The pedigree chart will usually include a section where you can put marriage information as well, including the names of kids, and their information. Some charts will come with a section for more than one wife, as some people have had their spouses die and later remarry.

If you want your chart to be more in depth you can also take a look at adding in racial information as well, or country of origin. Many people have found that their relatives come from various countries and by adding this to your charts it will make it easier for you to record and keep this information.


How to Create Family Tree?

You can create a family tree chart in many different formats. These include using Microsoft products such as excel. Excel is great at organizing variables, and once you have your templates all set up, it is easy to manipulate the data and make any quick changes that you may need to make.

The other plus of excel is that it is easy to expand. This means that you won’t have to start on a whole new file every time you go back another generation. You shouldn’t have any problems at all scaling out your pedigree chart in excel.

The other great option is just downloading one of the charts here off of the website. You can then print it and have it on hand. The plus of having a paper copy is that you don’t have to worry about losing any digital copies. Plus many people find it easier to manage than excel.

Blank family tree chart

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