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Download Free Printable DIY Candy Bar Wrapper Template

Using your own candy bar wrappers can be a lot of fun, whether you are using them for a unique occasion, for a party, or just as a fun project, you’re bound to have a blast.

There are tons of different things that you can do with some good candy bar templates, and it’s pretty simple to get things set up and started.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use hand painted art, or you’re looking to add some cool digital designs, your brain and creativity are the only things that limit you.

1.    Personalized candy wrapper designs

Personalizing your candy bar wrappers is the whole reason why you go through this process. You can do a lot of different creative things.

For instance you could make a candy bar wrapper of pictures of you and your special someone, then use them on a candy bar for Valentine’s day. Or put a picture of a child’s favorite car, and put it over a candy bar for his birthday. With a good template you can do just about anything.

2.    When are candy bar wrappers used

Customized candy bar wrappers are commonly used at weddings, anniversaries, theme parties, holidays, baby showers, and business parties. Basically if you want to make an event stand out, you can use custom made candy bars to make it really stand out. For instance, if you’re throwing a business event, or a networking event, you could place your business card information on the candy bars, or your business information, this is a unique way to get the word out for you and your company.

3.    What is a candy bar wrapper size

This is a tough question, every single candy bar is going to be different. For instance Hershey snack sized candy bars are 5” wide and and 5 ¼” long while a Kit Kat is 3 ¼” wide and 4 ½” long. It’s all going to depend on what you are going to use it for so the best thing to do is decide what candy bar you are going to use, and plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than designing your candy bar wrapper to find out that it won’t fit your candy bar.

4.    Download hand painted art for candy bar wrappers

These are our favorite types of candy bar wrappers. If you are in need of some wrappers for an event, check out the candy bar wrappers that we have here. We have everything you need for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, parties, company parties, if you’re looking for it, we definitely have it.

We’ve decided on these types of candy bar wrappers because we find they are the best looking, and the easiest ones to use. Plus if you are handy with a computer you could always customize them to your own liking. If you already have in mind what you want to use these candy bars for have a look around our website, you’ll more than likely find what you’re looking for.

Sample DIY Candy Bar Wrapper Templates:

Download Free Printable Birthday Candy Bar Wraps:

1st Care Bear Candy Wrapper

1st Minnie Mouse Candy Wrapper

Bugs Bunny Birthday Wrapper

Power Ranger Birthday Wrapper

Thomas the Train Candy Bar Wrapper

Very Hungry Caterpillar  Candy Bar Wrapper

Download Free Printable Party Candy Bar Wraps:

Mardi Grass Candy Bar Wrapper

St Patrick Day Candy Bar Wrapper

Murder Party Candy Bar Wrapper

Download Free Printable Wedding Candy Bar Wraps:

Calla Lily Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper

 Bike Wedding Candy Bar

2nd (Cotton) Wedding Anniversary Candy Bar Wrapper

Christmas Nativity Candy Bar Wrapper

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper 2

Kids Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper

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