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Free Printable Disney Minnie Birthday Invitations

A Disney Minnie birthday party is mostly for girls, and it also fits very well for a 1st birthday party.

However, all girls between ages 1 and 8 will love such a theme for their birthday.

Together with Mickey mouse Minnie is one of the most popular Disney figures.

Minnie Party Invitations

For this birthday it will be the best to get invitations with Minnie Mouse on them, but you can go further than that: you can get printable initiations and assemble your own pop up invitation cards.

Such invitations are without doubt the most fun for kids and adults as well.

You can also look for invitations that can be customized, and which only have the shape of Minnie’s head and ears with the bow. To this you can add a round photo of your little girl.

Here is our free printable hand-painted Disney Minnie Invitation:

Minnie Birthday Party Invitation Card

Minnie Birthday Greeting Card

Minnie  Birthday Square Garland Template

Minnie  Birthday Party Flyer

Minnie Birthday Favor Label Sticker

Minnie Birthday Gift Tag Template

Minnie Birthday Place Card

Minnie Birthday Return Address Label

Minnie  Birthday RSVP Party Card

Minnie  Birthday Party Thank You Card Template

Minnie Birthday Coloring Greeting Card

Minnie Party Food

Get some Minnie silhouettes or use some printable ones that you can cut out of paper. You can later use these to decorate cupcakes. For this birthday party you can use red and pink colors and not only for the decorations, but for the food as well.
Another great idea is to use licorice rolls and make bows out of them.

You can use these Minnie bows made of licorice to decorate the cake and cookies as well. The cake can be in the shape of Minnie’s silhouette with the two ears and the bow. You can easily make this and decorate it with the suitable colored fondant or icing sugar.

Minnie Party Games

Since such a party is mostly for younger kids, you have to think about some simple and easy to follow yet fun activities that the kids can do.

You can play a variety of games such as a version of stick the donkey’s tail to the donkey, and do the same where the kids have to put the bow on Minnie’s head. For this you can cut out Minnie’s head and ears using black cardboard, and place it on the wall where the kids can reach it. You can use pink cardboard to cut out the bow that later they have to pin. You can even make a real bow from pink fabric.

To begin the party and to make everyone more comfortable, start with a Minnie cartoon. You cannot go wrong with this and it will be a great icebreaker.

Minnie Party Decorations 

If the kids are small, get Minnie straws that they can also take home later and Minnie stickers as well. For decorating use printable decorations and hang them on the wall, doors, and place them on the table. They also serve great as decoration and toppings for cupcakes and the cake.

The stickers can go on the balloons. Make sure you get the pink ones!

To make the party more fun get big bows for each participant that they can wear during the party. You can even give each guest Minnie ears!