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Free Disney Mickey Mouse Party Invitation Templates

Though a Mickey Mouse party is mostly popular among boys, it is a favorite of many girls as well.

The best age group for such a party is between 1 and 8 years.

Mickey, the popular Disney character can also make your kid rejoice with the right food, games and invitations.

You can either have a solely Mickey party, or you can opt for celebrating with the whole Mickey gang, including Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Goofy and so on....

Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

             Get invitations featuring Mickey and his friends. You can also find many such invitations online that you can print out and send. Usually they are for free. If kids see Mickey on the invitation, they will know right away what to expect.

Very cute invitations that can be personalized and printed are those where you can add the photo of your child to Mickey’s head and ears. This is fun for your kid and for his or her friends as well!

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Mickey Mouse Party Food

          To make a memorable Mickey mouse party, why not make Mickey mouse cupcakes? For this you just have to bake your favorite cupcakes and put whipped cream on top, then cut out Mickey ears from black paper and place them on the top of the cupcake. It looks great!

The cake can be decorated in a similar manner, but if you have less time you can simply buy a Mickey mouse made of sugar or marzipan and put it on the top of the cake.

Other food that fits to this party are sandwiches that are decorated with cherry tomatoes cut in halves, put together so as they resemble a mouse.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

           A similar game to the one in Disney Land can be fun. For this you have to hide Mickey around the house and the kids have to find him. You can easily make a simple Mickey mouse by cutting out of black cardboard a large circle and two smaller ones, and gluing them together.

Also make sure that you have a Mickey mouse party pinata. You can hang this in the house or outside if the weather is nice, and let the kids have fun. Such classical games are always the most popular among kids.

Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

          While there are many decoration packages for Mickey mouse parties that you can find, you don’t necessarily have to spend so much money, because you have other options as well. Free printable decorations that you can simply print out at home are for example Mickey Mouse signs, which you can hang on the wall. You can sometimes find various welcome signs for instance that you can hang on the door to welcome guests. Don’t forget about Mickey’s friends either!

Besides the printable decorations you can also buy cups, napkins, balloons, table cover and plates featuring Mickey mouse.