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Free Printable Christmas Wedding Invitation Templates

Download and Print Christmas Wedding Invitations

You are getting married during Christmas time and want your invitations to reflect the joy of the season.

Consider using our free printable invitations. They are cute, unique, hand-painted  and sure to make everybody smile.

It is easy, inexpensive and you can probably make 100 or more invitations in just a few hours.

More and more couples these days decide to send an email invitations, add their picture...and voila! The best place to do that is here!

Besides lower cost there are other reasons you might want to do your own invitations.

For one thing, you can have exactly what you want on your invitation as to design and wording. You don’t have to settle for “good enough” or “almost perfect”, you can have the perfect invitation because you can create the invite yourself.

Before you buy your blank wedding stationary check to see if your image can be re-sized. If you can’t shrink or enlarge your design check the dimensions of your proposed stationary and buy the card size that will hold your design and verse. Purchase the best quality paper you can find as this will influence the appearance of the invitations.

Download Free Printable Christmas Wedding Invitation Template

Left-click on the above coloring picture to open its larger-size version!

Unique Christmas Wedding Invitation Wording

Free Printable Angel Christmas Wedding Invitation Card

Left-click on the above coloring picture to open its larger-size version!

Christmas designs can include angels, wreaths, stars, ornaments, poinsettias, trees, snowflakes, Santas, reindeer and more. The design you choose depends on the level of formality planned for your wedding. For a formal invitation you could use a white on white snowflake or star. Silver would also work. Another option would be to print the snowflakes on vellum and place it over the wording printed on the card.

For an informal wedding you have many more options. You can add humor and whimsy and signal your guests that the wedding will have a more relaxed atmosphere. A friend get married the week before Christmas. She chose a design with Santa and Mrs. Claus who was wearing veil and holding poinsettia. She had a friend create the drawing. The invitation brought smiles to the faces of everyone who saw it. It reads:

In the season of joy and love
you are invited as we
Elena Cortez
George Lopez
pledge our love
and are married.