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Free Printable Christmas Thank You Card Template

It is really nice thing to send a Thank You Card to everyone who sent a present.

There is no need to go out and buy expensive printed “thank yous”. It is easy and fun to make your own thank you cards. You will find some delightful Christmas thank you templates here.  

You can print the notes on regular computer paper in bright colors if you’d like and mail them in business size envelopes. Let the kids write their own and don’t correct spellings or grammar, you relatives and friends will cherish it more than any store bought notes.

For little ones you will have to address the envelopes. Be sure to put the kids’ names in the return address. Not only will they be excited to be sending “grownup mail” but will be learning a lesson in expressing gratitude that will stick with them into adulthood. If you can’t find something you can use on the kids printable site, there are dozens of other sites where you can hopefully find thank you notes that may better fit your individual taste.

So many people neglect to send thank you cards for anything other than baby and wedding showers and the wedding itself. It will be refreshing for people to get Christmas “thank you” especially from children. No matter what gift your child gets, even if it is a bright purple and orange sweater knitted by great aunt Millie, the child should send a thank you. He can just say thanks for the sweater. Aunt Millie will be thrilled.  

Samples of Beautiful hand-painted Christmas Cards:

Teen Christmas Thank You Card

Religious Thank you Card

Christmas Star Thank You Card

Lighthouse Thank You Card

Florida Thank You Card

Victorian Thank You Card

Dragonfly Thank You Card

Disney Thank You Card

Corporate Thank You Card

Funny Christmas Thank You

Hilarious Thank You Card

Horse Thank You Card

Nativity Thank You Card

Catholic Thank You Card

Ugly Sweater Thank You

Kids Thank You Card

Pajama Thank You Card

Elegant Thank You Card

Dinner Thank You Card

Tea Party Thank You Card

Cookie Thank You Card

Disney Thank You Card

Celtic Thank you Card

African American Thank You Card