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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags Hand Painted

Christmas gift tags can be attached to the wrapped gifts or if printed on self adhesive paper you can simply stick them on the boxes.

Here you can find ready made gift tags for the holidays, and you can even find very special ones.

You can find tags here for your gifts for theme parties during the holidays such as:

Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties, Nightmare Before Christmas Parties, Christmas parties for kids, elegant Christmas parties, Tea Parties during Christmas, Pajama Christmas Parties, cookie exchange parties, teen parties and more.

Catholic Christmas Gift Tag

Celtic Christmas Gift Tag

Cookie Party Christmas Gift Tag

Christmas Dinner Gift Tag

Christmas Nativity Gift Tag

Christmas Tea Party Gift Tag

Christmas Ugly Sweater Gift Tag

Christmas Corporate Gift Tag

Christmas Disney Gift Tag

Christmas Dragonfly Gift Tag

Christmas Elegant Gift Tag

Florida Christmas Gift Tag

Funny Christmas Gift Tag

Christmas Horse Gift Tag

Kids Christmas Gift Tag

Lighthouse Christmas Gift Tag

Mickey Christmas Gift Tag

 Nightmare Before Christmas Tag

Pajama Party Christmas Gift Tag

Religious Christmas Gift Tag

Teen Christmas Gift Tag

Very Funny Christmas Gift Tag

Victorian Christmas Gift Tag

How to Create Your Own Gift Tags:

Printable gift tags can be made using various software that you already have on your computer, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, and Photoshop. All of these are relatively easy to use to create your own design and print it at home.

It is easy to customize your holiday gifts by making your own gift tags instead of buying them.

Dye cut gift tags

1.    Go to a craft store and buy dye cuts. They are also called cutouts. Usually there are many kinds to choose from, and they come in various sizes and shapes. Choose the one that you feel is most appropriate.

2.    Get some cards stock as well in the desired color. Cut out a similar shape to the cutout, and make it just a bit bigger so the edges peek out. This will make a frame around the cutout when you stick them two together. Don't use actual glue because it can warp the paper.

3.    Cut it approximately 3 by 3 using scissors.

4.    Attach mini photo sticker squared to the back of the dye cut.

5.    Using them attach the dye cut to the paper.

6.    Attach some larger sticker squares to the back of the paper, so you can attach the whole thing to the gift.

7.    Using a corner cutter you can also round the edges.

8.    You can use scissors that have specialty cuts in them to do something similar.

Sticker gift tags:

1.    Go to your local craft store and look for stickers of all kinds. Look for ones that have some space where you can write who the gift is for.

2.    Get some colored paper that matches the tag.

3.    Cut the paper approximately 2 by 3.

4.    Remove the sticker that you have chosen from the sticker sheet.

5.    Attach the sticker to the center of the piece of paper you have just cut out.

6.    Leave some space around the edges.

7.    You can round the edges at the bottom and at the top freehand using a pair of scissors that mimics the design of the sticker.

8.    Take a paper punch and punch a whole right through the center of that.

9.    Look for some nice ribbon and use the hole in the center you just made.

10.    Thanks to the hole and the string can be attached to any gift or gift bag, which makes it very handy.

Rubber stamp gift tags:

1.    You can easily personalize your gift tags with a rubber stamp.

2.    Some of the stamps already come with 'two' and 'from', which makes them perfect for gift tags.

3.    Cut some bright paper to 1.5 and 3 inches.

4.    For the inside use a solid color so you can write the names of the people to whom the gift card is addressed to.

5.    Make this a bit smaller than the other piece of paper. It will be attached to it, the other one creating a thin frame.

6.    Attach the photo sticker squares to stick the two papers together.

7.    Use some embossing markers on the stamp.

8.    You can use different colors this way.

9.    Push down firmly on all sides of the stamp to make a great impression.

10.    You can attach more photo stickers to the other side to attach it to the present.

11.    Another idea is to get the alphabet stamp. This way you can create any word you want.

12.    If you prefer stencils, you can also use those.