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Free Printable Christmas Clip Art

Here is Christmas clip art that is different from all of the wreaths, candles and Santa clips for Christmas. 

You can make invitations and or flyers that you can drop off around the neighborhood. Do you prefer religious greetings for Christmas?

You can find them here also. Cute, absolutely irresistible clipart, hand painted will not leave anybody indifferent.

My grandchildren wanted to have a Christmas party for their friends and couldn’t pay for invitations and wanted to do it al on their own. So I showed them this site. They were thrilled!

They play on that site all the time. The 2nd grader printed two Christmas party invitations so she could “invite” (her word) the little girls for a play date.

I printed out fifty Christmas party invitations in about twenty minutes and for less cost (including ink) than a package of ten would have cost me at a party store and they were truly one of a kind. For a retro effect print one in black and white. They still look great.

  People who were teenagers during the “flower power” era of the 1960’s and early 70’s will jump at the chance to send out these whimsical Christmas party invitations. These characters show up in all kinds of invitations and cards.

There are truly some of the best free printable Christmas clip art on the net.