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Free Printable Christmas Brain Teasers

The printable Christmas brain teasers at are something everyone in the family can enjoy.

Imagine planning a gathering during the holidays and having some fun with something that challenges the mind.

This is a great way for people to have fun and celebrate Christmas in a new way. Brainteasers are ideal for any age group and make the holidays a little different.

You can easily print your own brainteasers and have a copy for everyone to see.

When you need an idea for something to do, this site has what you need. It does take some time to go through all the brainteasers at

The different types of brainteasers are what you will enjoy looking through.

The nice thing about the puzzles is that you only need a printer and you can print out the printable Christmas brain teasers for the holidays. Once you have select the ones that you would like to share with others, you can select print and have them right in your hands instantly.

The teasers are fascinating to use for all your gatherings. Even work office parties or children’s parties around the holidays. Why not let be the place to take care of all your game needs for the upcoming holidays. The holidays can be made a little different when you offer a few games to play and the printable Christmas brain teasers are just one way that everyone can join in the fun. Make sure to get your copies early so you are all set when guests arrive. They will be thrilled with your pick of entertainment.

Other Free Christmas Printables

1.  Free Printable Christmas Cards

Because everyone has different tastes, this site carries a huge line of Christmas cards and verses. You will find a card for everyone on your Christmas list. There is no reason to buy a box of cards at the retail stores anymore. Now you can be unique with every card you send out during the holidays. The free Christmas printables are for everyone. Whether you are looking for religious cards, cards for kids or a card for somebody a very special, you will find it here along with so many more.

2. Free Printable Christmas Invitations

Without leaving your home, you can find some beautiful cards for the Christmas holidays. You will see how easy it is to select a card and then print it out on your printer. Since the holidays always approach us so fast, it is nice to have a one place where you can go to find free Christmas printables. 


3. Printable Christmas Plays

As we all are in a great spirit during the holiday season of the year, it definitely calls for some good fun. Yes, Christmas is the time for full time fun for each one of us. I must tell you that we have small association at our apartment complex of individual families. We try to organize our small events during the Christmas. We arrange for small fests, fun competitions and even plays. Being a member of the organizing committee I always try to do something innovative. Choosing plays is an important thing during this exercise. Let me tell you about free printable Christmas plays that I looked for online and came up with some great results.

I searched online and came up with some really interesting matter. My favorite web sites are or These web sites indeed have a good collection of some fantastic plays. They are available in downloadable format of PDF files. All you have to do is get them downloaded in your computers and read them minutely and choose the one you like most. Then simply print them and you are ready with a play right in your hands.

I checked out some very good plays like "A Christmas Reunion by M.D. Sterling" or "A Game of Letters" – an Acrostic Performance by Elizabeth J. Rook or e "A Letter From Santa Claus by William Howard" or even the "Christmas Wishes by C. Phillips" and many such similar ones.

What is best about all these plays is that they are of superb quality and you do get a lot of things with so much little effort. It is otherwise a tedious job to visit a shop and look for matter and get hold of some sample plays and you must be aware of the plays previously in order to select a particular one.
In an otherwise circumstance you would need to borrow some copies and study the plays and then go about getting hold of a suitable copy. Via these web sites you simple get the downloaded versions and go through them right away and print the one that is most suitable for you. I have really had a great time in this manner and am sure it will truly help you as well.

Indeed the free printable Christmas plays have helped our little family of members of the apartment complex. I am sure if you do similar research in these web sites you too would really appreciate the quality of the resources. Do check out the stuff and I am sure the quality of the free printable Christmas plays would absolutely mesmerize you too.

 Adam Fisher, New York

4. Printable Christmas Patterns

There are different types of patterns for different types of crafts. Some of the different types of patterns are of ornaments. Some of these ornament patterns can be of paper or styrofoam balls. There are also some ribbon patterns. All of these would be on the easy side. This means that the children could help make these. Others are plastic canvas. These can also range from easy to hard.

You can help the kids by showing them how to stitch the plastic and then just sit back and watch how they do it. It doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s the fact that they made it and are proud of what they did that counts. Other more difficult patterns are also available. These would be suited for older children and adults that have more time to spend on crafts. These would consist of maybe counted cross stitch, knitting and other patterns that take more time and concentration.

If you find patterns that don’t have easy, moderate, hard or expert, they might have stars or filled in circles. Four stars or filled circles means expert and it goes down to one star which means easy. If they don’t have any skill levels on them, look at the directions and use your own judgment. If the patterns come from a children’s web site an adult might be able to do the harder crafts. Children’s crafts usually come in age ranges so an adult should be able to do patterns that are geared to teens.

 5. Printable Christmas Wish List

With all the new toys that come out every day during Christmas, no one can keep up anymore. So if you’re trying to find someone that perfect gift, why not find a web site that has all the latest and greatest gifts on one list that you can print out? This way you can give the list to your loved one and have them number the list in the order that they want a gift, 1 being the best and 10 being the least. 

6. Free Printable Christmas Stencils

Christmas is a time for decorations and celebrations. We all love to decorate our homes, our offices and workplaces. Stencils are a great way of doing it. I am sure you too must have the same view if you are not particularly artistic. They make decorating so much more easier.

7. Free Printable Christmas Clip Art

Are you looking for free printable Christmas clip art that is different from all of the wreaths, candles and Santa clips that are available? Look no further! Here at our site our clip art features hand-painted cute images. The designs are so unique that you will be searching for reasons to use these delightful designs.

6. Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas is a very fun time of year. Its also a very exciting time for children. Keeping them occupied while you’re planning dinner, putting the last minute touches on your party plans or even wrapping gifts, can be the most difficult part of the season. Their old toys just don’t keep them as occupied as they did two weeks ago. Even the most laid back child becomes impatient when it comes to Christmas.