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Free Printable Chore Charts for Girls and Boys

Types of Chore Charts

There are many different types of chore charts that you can get. This of course will depend on your goals and what you would like to do with these chore charts. 

For instance, a chore chart that is set up for a group of roommates in college would have an extremely different chart in comparison to a household with four little children.

As such, most chore charts need to be designed and formulated based upon the needs of the household.

There are two general ideas behind a chore chart. One is to have a daily rotation, this way everyone has a different job every day of the week.

This keeps things interesting for kids and grownups alike, and it allows whoever is in charge of the chore chart to check and see if everyone has done their chores for the day. These types of chore charts are generally ideal for families that are trying to get their kids to participate in the chores.

Another type of chore chart is one that is rotated only when the chore is completed. For instance, if John has to do trash, he will have this job regardless of the day, he will have it until he has completed his job. 

The idea behind this type of chore chart is that if John wants his house to not smell, he will not put off his chores for someone else to do. Instead he will go ahead and get the job done. This is generally a great chore chart for people who live with roommates, generally for college students.

How to Create a Chore Chart


Creating a chore chart isn’t too difficult. Generally chore charts are not the most complex types f charts out there, as such the most simple way is generally just to use Microsoft word, create the chores that you would like based around the system that you like, and then print it out and post it on a wall.

In fact you can get creative, if you would like you can use things such as a giant poster board or even a white board to keep track of the chores around the house. These can take a little bit more work, but some people find them to be a little bit more rewarding.

The simplest way to get a good chore chart is just to download the one off of our website. This free chore chart has everything that you would need it to. All you have to do is add in some information about the chores and decide how you would like to handle things.

It is advisable to talk with your roommates, or family, about what kind of chores you would like to list, and how you would like to handle it before creating your chore chart. Then you just print it out of your computer and stick it on a wall somewhere. Keep it visible and make sure people participate, you’ll be glad you have that chore chart after awhile.

Download Free Printable Chore Charts

Download Free Printable Chore Chart for Girls

Download Free Printable Chore Chart for Boys