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Free Printable Care Bear Birthday Party Invitation Template 

Care Bears are without doubt adorable and a perfect choice for small children, both girls and boys.

A Care bear birthday theme party is suitable for that special 1st birthday as well.

Since some of the care bears have a rainbow on their chest, you can use all kinds of colors for this party.

Printable care bear invitations feature one or all of the care bears.

You can get different kinds of invitations, each with another bear and symbol on it. Here is our hand-painted care bear free printable invitation template:

Care Bear Party Invitations

Care Bear Birthday Invitation Card

Care Bear Greeting Card 

Care Bear Birthday Square Garland

Care Bear Birthday Flyer Invitation

Care Bear Birthday Favor Label Sticker

Care Bear Birthday Gift Tag

Care Bear Birthday Place Card

Care Bear Birthday Return Address Label

Care Bear Birthday RSVP Party Card Invitation

Care Bear Birthday Thank You Card

Care Bear Coloring Greeting Page

Care Bear Party Food

Get cookies cutters in various shapes such as flowers, heart, shamrock and other care bear symbols. Use then various colored icing to make the cookies colorful.

Make a rainbow plate with vegetables and one with fruits. For this you can get both vegetables and fruits of various colors and arrange them in a gradient way.

Make layered rainbow colored jelly. You can add whipped cream on top. Put the jelly in transparent cups or glasses so the rainbow colors can be seen well.

Care Bear Party Games

There are plenty of great care bear games that kids love. Since such a party is usually organized for younger children, you have to give them something fun yet simple. Look for printable games with care bears. There are plenty of options, just a few are care bear memory games, care bear puzzles, care bear tic tac toe and more. These you can simply print on cardboard or paper and cut up according to the guidelines.
When the kids arrive, start the fun with some face painting. Each kid can choose a symbol from the care bear signs and get that painted on his/her face. The symbols they can choose from are the shamrock, the heart, the rainbow, the star, the sun or the flower. You can ask someone to help you with this activity.

To have some crafting fun as well, print out downloadable care bear party hats. Each kid can then cut out the shape and glue the hat together. You can help them during the process.

Small kids will also enjoy the printable care bear coloring pages.

To end the party, watch a care bear movie. Adults will enjoy it as well!

Care Bear Party Decorations

Get printable decorations for a Care Bear birthday party to save money and time. You can find downloadable and printable decorations with care bears such as party bottle wraps, welcome signs, cupcake toppers, banners and more.

Some of the printable decorations can be cut out after printing and later assembled, such as care bear centerpieces, hanging decorations, boxes and more.

To make the party authentic get some care bears. They can be found in many sizes. The small ones can be used around the table as decoration, and have at least one bigger huggable one. The kids will love these.

Don’t forget about the rainbows as well: you can print them or make your own. You can make a big rainbow and hang it on the wall.