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Free Printable Business Letters Templates, Samples  and Tips

What is a business letter? Business letter represents the bridge that connects the customer with a business, or the major components of a business.

Creating a business letter can be difficult, but with the help of letter samples you can also write your own easily in just a few minutes.

Business letters differ from most other types of letters in their professional tone. They need to follow certain guidelines and they have a clear purpose.

How to Write a Business Letter:

Business letters have to be accurate and professional. The better the letter, the higher the chances of getting a positive reply. On the other hand, a badly written business letter can get you to lose a whole marketing project. At some point if you are working in a field related to business you will need to write one of these letter.

The most important part of a business letter is that it has to inspire trust and call to action. This means that it has to be convincing enough for the customers and clients to take the next step, buy a product, join a meeting, subscribe to a newsletter. A well written business email will have success in all this.

Besides having to have a certain type of content, when you create such a letter you also need to pay attention to the formatting, addressing, closing and to the opening of the letter, as well as dividing it into paragraphs. The letter or email has to look visually appealing, easy to read, and easy to understand. Since most people don't have too much time to read letters, such a  layout is very convenient for the writer and reader as well.

12 Tips for Writing a Good Business Letter:

1.   Be brief but straight to the point.

2.    Use short sentences and don't use any words that are difficult to understand.

3.    When you choose the font, use Arial or Times new Roman.

4.    Pay attention to the salutation and use all titles if necessary.

5.    Avoid abbreviation and the use of capitals.

6.    Always be polite.

7.    Make sure that the letter is no longer than four paragraphs.

8.    Include a signature.

9.    Follow the standard guidelines of the type of business letter you are writing.

10.    Include contact information and links.

11.    Proofread and use spell check.

12.    Use the right tone and style, and always be positive. The tone should be conversational.

Importance & Types if business letters:

Importance of business letters

We are living in a world of business, where such letters are parts of our daily lives. Whether you have to write one or reply to one, their relevance is clear.
A business letter is a way of communication and providing information that is indispensable in the business world of today. Business letters can be both emails and printed letters sent by regular mail. While most people prefer email, in certain situations a printed letter is more appropriate.

Types of Business Letters:

It is essential to know the type of business letter you need to write. There are more types and they all vary in what they should contain and how they should be written.

There are two major groups of business letters:

Formal Business Letters

1. Introductory Letters

2. Letter of resignation

3. Complaint business letter

4.  Letter of recommendation

5.  Notification letter

6.  Thank you letter

7.  Confirmation letter

8.  Newsletter

9.  Sales letter

10.  Order letter

11. Inquiry letter

12. Follow up letter

13.  Customer relation letters

Email Letters

 1. Refer a Friend Email Letter

2. Email Response Letter

3. Even Confirmation Email Letter

4. Formal Meeting Email Template

5. Save the Date Email  

6. Sales Followup Email Letter

7. Outlook Sales Email Letter

8. Notification Email Letter

9. Survey Reminder Email Letter

10. Event Reminder Email Letter

11. Meeting Reminder Email

12. New Customer Email Letter

13. Customer Service Email 

14. Project Proposal Email Letter

15. Business Proposal Email

16. Clients Farewell Email Letter

17. Coworkers  Farewell Email

18. Privacy Policy Email Letter

19. Security Policy Email Letter

20. Company Policy Email

21. Promotion Email Letter

22. Wedding Announcement

23. Birth Announcement

24. Invoice Email Letter

25. Welcome Email Letters

26. Welcome Email Member

27. Welcome Email Patient

28. Welcome Email Cliant

29. Welcome Email Partner

30. Welcome Email Customer

31. Welcome Email Students

32. Welcome Email Neighbrough

Welcome Email Employee