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Free Printable 1st Birthday Party Invitation Template

1st birthday parties are one of the most memorable parties!

Since a toddler needs a lot of attention, you have to think about such a birthday party very carefully and plan everything so it all goes well.

The best idea is to plan the party after or before nap time, so the baby is not tired.

1st Birthday Party Invitations

Before you make or buy the invitations, remember that a one year old most likely won’t feel comfortable with too many people around. It’s best to invite only your closest friends and members of the family.

Make some fun invitations for this special birthday: first birthday robot invitations, and first birthday monster invitations can be found online, printed out and cut into the shapes or the robots or monsters. These funky invitation with a special shape and color fit very well for this birthday party.

Free Printable Care Bear 1st birthday party invitation card

Lady-Bug 1st birthday party invitation card template

Download free printable Mickey-Mouse 1st birthday party invitation 

Minnie 1st birthday party invitation card template

Download Princess 1st birthday party invitation card

Free printable Sweet Safari 1st birthday party invitation card

1st Birthday Party Games

          You won’t have to think about too many games for this type of party. However, what you have to pay special attention to will be preparing the area where all the toddlers can safely play. You have to select a corner of the house where there is enough room, and where you can put a blanket on the floor. You can create the seating area for the parents and other guests around this “playing” area. Baby proof it carefully, and gather various toys that the toddlers can enjoy. Colorful baby toys can be found online as well.

Your baby will also enjoy the simple activity of opening presents.


1st Birthday Party Decorations

          For a 1st birthday party get free printable decorations instead of buying them. You can choose a color theme for the party, such as baby blue and get the decorations ready accordingly. There are also other themes that fit to a 1st birthday, such as ladybug theme, poka dot theme, Winnie the pooh theme, Mickey mouse theme and more.

Once you have found a website that has printable decorations that fit to your theme, you can download them, customize them, print them at home, cut them out and they are ready to create a wonderful atmosphere in your house.

Avoid balloons for such a party. If they burst it can be very scary for the baby, and they are also a choking hazard. Paper decorations are very good for such a party, especially colorful ones.

1st Birthday Party Food

          For 1st  birthday you will most likely have grown up guests with their own toddlers. For your friends you can prepare some simple snacks such as vegetables with dips, sandwiches and finger food. For the kids you can have some baby biscuits, cut up fruits, small sandwiches with cream cheese, mini yoghurts, apple sauce and animal crackers. These are all great for first birthday party.

You can also serve milk, juice and water for the kids, and sodas for the adults. Most parents will probably not want to drink alcohol on such an occasion.

Don’t forget about the cake: this is the time to be creative and make something colorful or with an interesting shape. Your baby will love it! You can buy fondant in various colors and decorate the cake with it.