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Free Funny Valentine Cards

Funny Valentine Cards make You Smile! Funny Valentine cards can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Whether you are giving the card to your partner, spouse or to a friend, everyone enjoys a little humor to brighten the day.

You will find cards for kids to give away or for adults to give. These cards will make everyone smile.

They are designed for fun and laughs. When you need something to make someone’s day, you want these cards.

You will have fun looking through all the cards to find the one you want. Another cool place to find funny Valentine cards is They have some incredibly funny cards for Valentine’s Day. You will laugh the minute you see these cards. If you are looking for a card to make someone smile, these cards will do it. Valentine’s Day does not have to be serious.

It should be fun. It is a day to make someone feel that you are thinking about him or her. When you give a humorous card, they person knows that you are thinking about them and want them to have a lovely day. After ll, making people feel good on this day is the most important thing. 

Free printable funny heart Valentine Day card

Make someone’s day with humor instead for that mushy stuff on Valentine’s Day. They will appreciate it and you will put a smile on their face when you think about making them feel loved and thought about on February 14.

Valentines Day Jokes and Poems can’t help but Smile

There are several sites where you can find Valentines Day jokes and poems. We found some of the silliest groaners, although you can’t help but smile when you read them. Here are just a few of the jokes we found at

What do farmers give their wives on valentines day? Hogs and kisses!

What did the paper clip say to the magnet?

I find you attractive!

Did you hear about the nearsighted porcupine?

He fell in love with a pin cushion!

These are real groaners but your kids will get a lot of mileage out of them. You can’t help smiling at something like:

Why did the cannibal break up with his girlfriend?

She didn’t suit his taste!

Knock knock and roses are red jokes are also popular with kids, especially grade schoolers and some “tweens”. This one was written by a student in Denver:

Roses are blue
Violets are red
If you agree
You’ve got rocks in your head.

The above came from managed by Bruce Lansky. Choose the color/colors you want to use in your poem and then make a list of words that rhyme with your choice. It is best in the beginning to stick with one syllable colors, red, green, blue, pink, black and brown. Then create your own poem.

Mr. Lansky suggests something like:

Violets are blue,
roses are pink,
put on your shoes,
your feet really _______.

Stink seems to be the appropriate word here. Just have fun making up your own “Roses are _______” poems.
The possibilities are almost endless. Here is the efforts of a six year old:

Roses are Red
Leaves are Green
If you’re not my valentine
Then you are mean

Funny Valentine Day Poems for Everybody

A Valentine to a geek:

Strong as an ox
Strong as a lion
You will be mine
End of time

Here is one that children or adults could send, also from peculiar poetry:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m allergic
Atchoo, atchoo!

This is a silly Valentine that kids will love and grownups will smile at:

Veggie Valentine
You may not “carrot” all for me
The way I care for you.
You may “turnip” your nose
When I plead with you.
But if your heart should “beet” with mine
Forever “lettuce” hope
There is no reason in the world
Why we two “cantaloupe”.

Author unknown

This one is cute, even if bittersweet:

He Sent his Love a Valentine
He sent his love a valentine
His love did not reply
We never dare to care to sign
These things, I wonder why

David McCord

We found the two above poems at poems.
There are dozens of web sites that have love poems, romantic, silly and cute wording that can be used on individual valentine cards. However please be sure to attach the author’s name and the web site where you found it. Especially if you use it on your web page, ask for permission to use it.
Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, family and friends to express their affection for one another. Most people enjoy humorous greetings so go for it.

Make the Best out of Printable Humorous Valentine Cards

Rose St Valentines Greeting CardValentine Day is not about sending a card filled with love. It is about sending a card that someone will enjoy receiving. You can find printable humorous Valentine cards online at This site has some funny cards for everyone. You can find something for the kids, adults and even for your parents and grandparent. If you want to send some humor to the one you think about, this site has exactly what you need. All you need to do is find just the right one and print it. Everyone will wonder why they could not find the same card

Free printable rose Valentine Day card

Love Poems for Valentines Day

Valentines Day as we all know was originally the feast day of St. Valentine. Now however is a day for lovers. Although it has been adopted by family, friends and kids. There are dozens of web sites where you can find lovely romantic poems, not only in English. At you can find beautiful romantic love poems in Spanish written by Ruben Dario, Daniela Aragunde and Gustavo Adolfo Beguer.

The site also has French love poems and you can even get English translations of these poems. We use poems to express our deep feelings for others and some of the world’s greatest authors have written glorious love poems including Shakespeare, Longfellow, John Keats, Emily Bronte, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning to name just a few.

You can go on line and find love poems written in just about every language. We are creatures mean for love and as such we find ways to express it. At you can find dozens of love poems. There is a page of funny love poems and even Christian poems. One is based on St. Paul’s 1 Corinthians 13 (Love is…), which is a great expression of love between man and woman as well as with God. The owners of request that you do not send their poems via email because it is too easy for someone to delete the author’s name and web site address and pass it on as their own. They also ask when you use one of their poems to send on a card to a loved one, that you include the author’s name.