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Free Couples Wedding Shower Invitation Examples

Couples bridal shower have become increasingly popular and if you are planning this type of affair, remember you will need some invitation ideas.

Here we offer free couples wedding shower invitations examples, that you are welcome to use.

You will need more invitations than you would if this were an all female party. Singles not living together should each get their own invitation.

These invitations might be addressed to Ms. Mary Jones and guest. Unmarried couples living together should be addressed to Mr. Phillip Harris and Ms. Sally Smith. Married couples of course will be addressed Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.

The whole project shouldn’t take much more than an hour to complete, once you have chosen your design and wording. Your only cost will be the cards you print on.

Here are a few examples of couples wedding shower invitations we are offering you:

Download Bridal Shower Invitation Template

A western invitation might read like this:

Grab your partner
and join us for a couples shower
Enjoy an evening of barbecue
and line dancing
to celebrate the upcoming marriage
of Kara and James
on: day/date/time
at: site and address
RSVP: name and phone number
They are registered at: Target and Macy’s

A time of day couples shower could have a sun and moon design, a clock, or a sun dial design. We liked a sundial clip art image

Ladies and Gents
please join us for a time of day shower
honoring Barbara and Mike
day, date, time
your time frame is: 8-11pm
RSVP: name and phone #
Enclosed is a list of suggested items.
Feel free to use your imagination.

These showers can be a lot of fun and the invitations you make can have a relaxed humorous approach depending on your choices made after checking out free couples wedding shower examples of design and wording.

Another wording example:

Please join us as we honor the bride-to-be

Esther Lane and a groom-to-be Allen Selva

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three o’clock in the afternoon

Café BlueStar

325 West Dale Avenue

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hosted by her Bridesmaids Jennifer & Sue

RSVP by May 10th

To Jennifer at (866) 594-1292

Esther is registered at

Purple Blue Hut

This is just a sample wording which you can adapt to your particular requirement. Kindly change the dates, venues and the names of the bride and bridesmaids appropriately.

Couples Modern Shower Invitations Ideas

Funny Wordings:

The latest forecast!
There will be a shower
on: day, date and time
for Michelle and Anthony
at: venue and address
they are registered with Dillards and Target


Attention! Attention!
Nora and George
will be having a shower
on: day, date and time

at: XYZ Avenue, Town
they are registered with Macy's

RSVP: Mina and Jacob
phone: xxx-xxxx


You are invited to
a couples wedding shower
honoring Susannah and Harry
on: day, date, time
at: location
RSVP: Hannah and Jake
phone: xxx-xxxx

For a couples kitchen shower you might look for a design with pots and pans or coffee mugs, teapots or a set table. Then you need to find wording that suits your theme. There are also several web sites that have sample wording that you can use as is, or adapt as you see fit at no cost:

You are invited
to a kitchen shower
for: bride’s name and
groom's name
on: day, date, time
at: place and address
please bring a favorite recipe
RSVP: name and phone number

I received an unusual bridal shower invitation recently. If was for a “baking” shower. The hostess had imported a birthday cake image into the template for these unique invitations. The wording was:

You are invited
to a baking shower
for Patricia and Marc
on: day, date, time
at: location
please bring the recipe
for a favorite baked item
and a pan to make it in
regrets only: name and phone number

The possibilities for shower themes are almost endless. Once you have decided on a theme, look on line for a design that fits and then choose or create a verse that compliments the theme and design. If you decide to forego a theme you can still create unique shower invitations. Try using a photo of the couple, clip art of a joint hobby, favorite recreation or profession. Then create simple wording:

You are invited
to a bridal shower
for Nancy and Edward
on: day, date, time
at: place, address
RSVP: name and number
Nancy is registered at: XYZ and ABC

All that remains for you to do is purchase the blank invitation cards and print the invites you created using free wedding shower invitations ideas found online.

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