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Free 100th Birthday Greeting Card Template & Wording

People are living longer these days than they ever have in human history, which is wonderful, as long as they live an active, joyful life.
I’ve seen quite a few happy people over the age of 90, and that gives me hope that life can still be fun, even at that age. It is highly likely that our own children will live much longer than we do, thanks to advanced medicine and technology.

So, what do you wish for a 100-year-old? He/she has already been blessed with a long life, and most have enjoyed a great career, money, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

This situation is similar to the one in which you wonder, "What do I buy for someone who has everything?"  Stop wondering – because the one thing everyone lacks is appreciation and love, because a person can’t ever have enough of that!

Download Free 100th Birthday Greeting Card for Woman

Download Free 100th Birthday Greeting Card for Man

So, whenever you’re not sure what to write, jump into that person’s shoes and think about what you would like to hear.

For example, on my 100th birthday, I would like to hear:


I wish that on your 100th birthday, you will be surrounded by your family, friends, pets, and loved ones from near and far, and I wish that love and abundance will surround you and give you strength and the appreciation of a life so well lived.

Happy Birthday!




Others might prefer something like:

We wish to celebrate your fame on your 122th birthday, in hopes that you can break the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living person!

Happy Birthday!




Do not forget to invite, when you celebrate your birthday 110Th birthday! Be happy and healthy! Cheers!




Did you know that most of the world’s supercentenarians live in the United States? Not only do Americans live longer, but they also remain healthier and more active than those in other parts of the world. Right after the U.S. is Japan and the Caucasus mountains.

This “secret of longevity” has become very popular among the medical and psychological community. Their studies have revealed that there are only a few common points these elders share, and the most widely shared point concerns community life, even more than genetics or diet. It is proven that people who have close connections to their family and community and who have gained status and respect by aging live healthier and longer lives!

This serves as a good reminder to us all that we must give and receive love, attention, and respect. Make sure to include the word “gratitude” in your 100th birthday card. Everyone values appreciation, and our elders are particularly sensitive to this; let them know how much you appreciate them, no matter what.