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Free Formal Email Letter Format Sample

There are few formal letter samples which you can send via email or snail mail. Here we chose couple of the most popular.

When writing a formal letter form is as important as the text. You ought to be very careful, since you need to leave a good impression from the very beginning.

Making mistake when you need to sound and look serious might be unforgivable in some instances.

Pay a special attention to salutations and signature. Remember, you are not writing to a friend. Also, avoid “To Whom it May Concern”.  Try to find out what is the name of the person in charge.

1. Formal letter sample:

Your address
Street address
City, zip code

Full name of recipient
Company name
Address of recipient:
Street address
City, zip code

Dear Ms./Mr/Mrs/Dr last name of recipient,

In the first paragraph you should introduce yourself and explain the reason for your letter. Here you can describe in one or two sentences who you are and in about two sentences the reason of your contact. Remember to be straight to the point and brief.

This paragraph is the content of the letter. Here you can elaborate on your reason for writing the letter and your purpose with it. Explain the situation in further detail. If the paragraph is more than four sentences long divide it into two paragraph. Remember that ideally a letter should have three of four paragraphs in total.

The last paragraph should contain the conclusion. Here you can express your request to be contacted and give a phone number where you can be reached at. Say thank you for the time offered and close the letter.

Sincerely/Yours/ Respectfully,

Your full name

2. Formal letter sample:

Sender's Company
Senders Company Address

Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Full name of recipient
Title/Position of Recipient
Company Name
Address Line 1

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr last name of recipient,

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Sincerely/ Faithfully/ Respectfully,
Your signature
Your printed full name
Your title