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Football Party Decorations and Invitations

A football party is not only enjoyable for the kids, but for the adults as well. This party is mostly popular among boys between the ages 8 and 13.

1. Kids party food

For food you can try to come up with a menu that would also fit for a football game. For example popcorn shouldn't be missing. You can have various toppings and get typical football game popcorn bags to serve.

Bake a cake that resembles a football. You can try to get a mold that is meant for such a cake, or cut out a football shape of a cake that you have baked in a regular pan. You will need brown icing sugar and some white as well.

Hamburgers also fit to a football birthday theme party.

2. Kids party games

The best would be to play some football: if the kids are old enough and you have some space, you can create the themes and the fun can begin. If the kids are younger, you can come up with something else. To reduce the risk of danger you can use a foam football instead of a real one.

There is also an indoor version of football that the kids can play during the party. You will need a big room, where you can mark the lines of the football field. You can use a soft foam ball to play. Make sure that there is constant supervision during these games.

3. Kids party decorations

You should get either football party decorations and supplies from a store, or use printable decorations. If you get supplies from a store they usually come in a package, so you will have plates, cups, tableware, centerpiece and other decorations as well for the party, all fitting to the theme. Printable decorations for football parties can also be found online, and these you can use to hang on the wall, the door or simply place on the table.

There are some other decorations/ supplies that you should try to get, such as football jerseys that each kid can wear during the party and soft foam footballs to play with. Don't forget about the football pinata!

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