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Free Printable Invitations for Sweet Safari 1st Birthday 

Kids are always fascinated by animals, therefore throwing your child their first birthday party with a Sweet Safari theme is bound to leave them with long lasting memories.

The following are the best Sweet Safari birthday party ideas you need to throw the ultimate party for your child.

Choosing a location

If you are lucky enough to live next to a jungle, imagine how the children's faces will light up when they learn that they are going to a real jungle to hold a party. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in the vicinity of a jungle, this should not cause despair, converting your house with a safari theme is simple. With the right decorations (our garland for example)  and piñatas, even the least knowledgeable person can do it. Using the local park as avenue is the most affordable option as you will save on most decorations with the natural rocks and ready waterfalls. You could also hold your party at a rented party establishment which will offer you discounts on food, drinks as well as decorations.


Choosing the most appropriate for safari themed birthday can be very challenging. You can apply some design ingenuity by blending the child's name in the title, for example; 'name jungle cruise' or 'come and enjoy the ultimate safari experience with name'. If you have time, you can design the cards yourself by using green, brown or tan colored tan templates and sticking palm tree or animal cutouts on them.

Our suggestion id to use our lovely free printable invitations!


Getting the decorations right for a safari themed birthday party may look difficult but with a little creativity, it could become the most enjoyable part of the planning process. You can attach some jungle colored helium balloons in front of your house so that guests do not mistake where the party is at. Hanging some dyed vines over the walkway to your house can also give visitors a safari mood before they join the party. You can also paint the walkway or driveway leading to your house with animal footprints. Try placing signs in front of your house reading 'Beware of leopards' or 'Lions ahead' for a touch of creativity.


Choosing the correct costumes for your child to wear during the birthday party can be very enjoyable. Dress them up in jungle fighter outfits or animal costumes. Khaki shorts and shirts complete with a hat are also very appropriate. Kids will love animal masks and face painting too.


Kids have short attention spans, you can keep them occupied by letting them play bubbles or letting teaching them the freeze dance routine. Make puppets and hold a puppet show for them. Letting them play animal games like a lion catching a zebra and letting them run all over the place can be very enjoyable for them.

Food ideas

Serve the kids natural drinks or hot chocolate if the weather is cold. Decorate your cake with leopard or snake themes. A volcanic cake complete with flowing lava will be very amusing to the kids.


Appreciate your guests presence by giving them party favors. Easy to make favors include animal masks and figures. If you are unable to make your own favors, print our favor labels and use them for your purchased favors.

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