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Free Printable Party Invitations for Princess 1st Birthday

So you have decided that the first birthday party for your little one is going to be a princess party. Here are a few tips to help you make this party very special:

 Princess parties are a traditional birthday parties for little girls. With a pretty dress, a tiara and a few accessories you will be able to transform your daughter into a princess.

How many kids to invite: It is your child's first birthday and you want it to be special and memorable.  It is probably the best to limit the party to 10 people because not only will you have to cater for everyone, but also entertain them. You may invite more if there will be somebody to help, like family member or a friend. You may even decide to hire a nanny.

When to best schedule the party: Make sure you schedule your princess party at a time and day convenient for you. If your daughter’s birthday is during the week, celebrate it on the weekend. Don't let it interfere with possible nap times. Have it in the morning before nap times or in the afternoon just after nap time. Keep it short: Limit the birthday party to 1-2 hours to not overload your child.

The party invitation: The invitation should look classy. Always state if it is a dress up party. Use heading such as "Princess Catherine invites you to her tea party" or "You are invited to a royal ball". To decorate the invitation you can use anything that is sparkly, glittery and pink.

Use our cute free printable invitation!

Decorations: Transform your home into a royal castle. Have some spare tiaras for your friends. Use pink balloons and also one other color of your choice. White, purple and silver are best. You might want to consider to get some helium so that the balloons can float up from tables and chairs and at the end of the party everyone can take home a helium balloon. To decorate the walls you can hang up some Disney princess posters and cut some stars out of cardboard that you then decorate with a lot of glitter. Have some spare tiaras for your friends. Use our free printable garland!

Games: You don't need to have complex games at this party. Have some toys ready that your child likes to play with and play some nursery rhymes or download some Disney music.

Food: Make cupcakes and biscuits instead of a cake. They aren't as messy. Use pink icing on the cupcakes. If you are not a big baker buy some cupcakes at the bakery or the cake store. Prepare some healthy food such as fruit platters or sandwiches. Remember not only do you need food for the kids but also the adults.

Take lots of photos so that you will be able to remember this day for a long time and you can show your daughter once she gets older.

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