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   Free Printable Invitations for Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

If your baby loves Minnie Mouse then you have to surprise her or him with a  Minnie themed first birthday party.

This theme is full of fun and activities for the young ones. The following tips and ideas will help you successfully plan your baby’s first birthday party.

What you need

In addition to the basic Minnie Mouse birthday party decorations, napkins, cups and plates, you have to get extra stuff like a movie, a piñata, Minnie balloons and a bow tie.


Use a customized Minnie mouse invitation for your guests or fill out a blank Minnie invitation. Add mouse ears or a bag tag to your invitation cards. Seal the invitations with a customized stickers with a printed special message. You can also take a picture of your baby in a Minnie themed outfit and attach it to the invitation to give your guests an idea of what the party will be like.

We suggest our free printable invitation of course!


As your guests arrive, you can give them a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and a big pink bow, white gloves are also a good idea. Use brightly colored pillows and cushions for your guests to sit on so as to enhance the clubhouse theme. Do not forget to decorate in pink and polka dots in the party area. It may also be used on the food containers. Minnie balloons are a must have, use them together with latex balloons, remember that they have to be pink to blend in.

Don't forget our free printable garland!

Food ideas

Basically, food that is going to be served to guests needs to have a Minnie  theme to it. When serving pancakes and pizza, cut it out in the shape of a mouse head with big ears. You can also serve drinks with appropriately colored straws. Serve the guests Minnie shaped cupcakes and cookies too.

Cake ideas

If you do not have a Minnie shaped cake pan, you can easily customize any regular cake by icing it in pink with white polka dots. A fondant and frosting can also be used to create a picture  on the cake.


This is the best way to thank your guests for their presence. Some favors you can use include; Minnie wristbands, doodle pads, coloring puzzles, stickers, lip gloss necklaces and place mats.

These decorations and party ideas are easy to make at home, but if for some reason you are not able to, they can be bought from several stores and online retailers.

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