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Free Printables for 1st Birthday with a Ladybug Theme

 The ladybug has always been a popular decoration in a girl’s bedroom.

If you have a baby girl and planning to celebrate her 1st birthday, you can use a ladybug theme especially if the birthday falls on the summer and spring months. The theme is truly cute and cheerful while the decorating ideas are endless. As part of the preparations for the birthday party, there are certain essentials that you have to prepare.

Party Invitations

You might consider using red and black construction paper for the party invitations. All you have to do is to cut the red paper in a ladybug shape and add black spots, black strips as the antenna and a pair of eyes. Leave the other side blank since it is where the party details will be written. For a decorative touch to the invitations, use a black marker to add eyelashes on the eyes of the bug. Do not forget to write who, what and where on the invitations.
Use our cute printable invitations of course!

Party Decorations

As for the decorations, you might want to decorate outside and inside the house. A simple idea is to use red and black color scheme for the streamers together with balloons that have spots glued on them. As for the utensils, simply stick with the red and black scheme for the plates, cups, spoons, forks and napkins. If you want more decorations related to your chosen theme, you can visit a local store since you will surely find decorations suitable for your theme. Do not forget that if there are tables, you can use the red and black color scheme for the tablecloths. Feel free to use our matching garland!

Party Games

When it comes to the party games, you might want to modify some of the common party games so that it will include the theme of the party. The piñata has always been part of birthdays and you can add a twist by placing a ladybug instead. Children will surely delight in the surprises inside once it is cracked open.

Party Cake and Desserts

In order to complete the theme, the birthday cake should also be designed as a ladybug. Always remember that the cake is the highlight of the event and the birthday celebrant will surely bounce in joy once the candles are lit. As for the desserts, you might include cupcakes that are also in the shape of the bug or even candy treats in the shape of the bug.

By using the ladybug theme, you will surely enjoy the decorating possibilities. These party ideas can provide you with a good start but the options are endless. Simply allow your creativity to flow and you come up with great ideas that will make the 1st birthday of your child truly memorable and fun-filled.

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