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Firefighter Theme Party

Having a firefighter theme party is the dream of many little boys.

If you are planning to invite mostly boys to a birthday party, choose this theme.

Little boys between 3 and 10 love firefighter theme parties, and of course there are some girls as well who would enjoy it. 

Party Activities

Organize a watergun fight for this party. Tell the kids to imagine that they are firefighters and that they have to put out the fire. For this you only need some waterguns and setting up the area of the fight. There have to be two teams. Make some fire using colored paper. You can cut out triangles for the flames from orange and yellow paper. Each kid can have a flame hanged on their chest, and they have to “put the fire out” with the water, using the water guns. The team that puts out the fire on the other team first, wins. This game is good for kids of all ages.

Older kids, such as the ones between 6-10, also like making crafts. You can organize a fire truck craft activity. For this you will need boxes, colored paper, scissors, glue, and paint. You can use the colored paper to cut out different parts of the truck and glue them on the box. You can also have some stickers and other items from craft stores that can decorate the car later.

For younger kids there are firefighter coloring books featuring fire engines, fire stations, fire trucks and more.

Party Decorations

You can get decorations from supplies stores, that can make the whole party more authentic. For a firefighter theme party you can get inflatable fire hydrants or plastic ones, tableware with fire trucks on them, and a fire car pinata. You can also buy or borrow firefighter hats for each person you invite for the party. Firefighter badges are also a must for the kids. You can give these to the guests when they arrive.
When you make a banner, write Welcome to the fire station of Mike (use the name of your child). Draw flames around the sign or just make it simply red, which is the color of firefighters.
You should go to the local fire station where they have fire safety materials and they are usually for free. Ask if they have anything for kids.
Bedsides these you can also look for printable decorations such as flames, fire trucks, fire men and banners. These you can all print, cut out and hang on the walls or use as table decorations.

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