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Fire Fighter Theme Wedding Ideas

When style is the keyword for a wedding celebration then people can come up with a variety of events and ideas to make it special and look chic and different.

Such an idea was incorporated by my friend John Moore.

Fire fighter theme wedding ideas might sound weird to many of us but indeed it was something that I felt was a great and fun filled event I ever attended for anybody’s wedding celebrations.

From the invitation of guests to the homemade customs and traditions, everything was well fitted and the theme in itself got such a great exposure that I could not help but appreciate the entire event as one of the best that I had ever attended.

What I liked the most in this fire fighter wedding theme is the extensive use of colors.

The challenge and the heart involve in the job of the fire fighters are something that needs to be depicted in the theme in itself and thus white, orange, red, black, yellow, gray, brown and what not, the abundance of colors made everything look so much brilliant in the event.

As I said, the abundance of colors was spread across everything in the celebrations. Right from the wedding attires of the bride and the groom to the invitation of guests to the drapes and curtains and the table cloths to the napkins, as well as the flowers depicted the vast usage of different vibrant colors.

Extensive use of blue was also something that I noticed and my friend explained that the blue color symbolizes the color of water that plays a major role in the lives of the fire fighters and the usage of blue was as a mark of the theme in itself and made it have more impact upon the onlookers. The idiosyncratic flower vases where decorated with different flowers and the sides were designed with sparkling papers and little dim lights to give the effect of the fire being existent in every corner!

Usage of candles and natural lighting and absence of white light as much as possible also made the theme to come alive so much all around the reception site. They also made a little surprise for the ceremony to make the gentlemen wear fire helmets or boots during the wedding ceremony being taken place to mark off the theme! The reception site too was a real surprise in being old firehouses that is often rent out as a banquet hall. Wow that was real exciting to observe such detailing in a theme wedding by my friend.

The cake was in the shape of a fire engine and it gave a great addition to the theme as well and surprised everyone all around. He even arranged for a classic fire truck to be placed outside the reception site to mark off the theme with ultimate detailing and everybody just loved the idea.

Fire fighter theme wedding ideas never came to my mind but after attending the one for my friend I could not help wonder what a great decision it is to take this challenge and prepare a theme out of such an unusual topic. However, at the end of it all, I must say I just enjoyed the fullest in attending the ceremony of this very special wedding theme.

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