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Farewell Party Email Template to Coworkers

A farewell party is a happy and a sad event in the same time, but in any case it is an important one and not only for the person who is leaving the company.

Besides organizing a party for a co- worker, you should also remember the email.

There are two ways to do this: you can either create a professional business letter invitation, or you can send a funny email, which will cheer up everyone.

Farewells can be difficult, but you can make them more enjoyable with a nice party and a fun email.

If you write an official letter, you need to keep it professional. Use formal expressions and words.

Another feeling that this letter should convey is honor. If the person is leaving after a long time, it is important to show them how much they have meant to the company, and that they will be missed.

The letter should mention something about the person who is leaving, in case not all the co-workers know him personally.

Official farewell to work place people

1. This email should be an official professional email therefore it should follow all the guidelines of a business letter.

2. When creating the email include relevant information such as the exact date, time, place or the party and other information that the guests need to know.

3. The salutation should be like in any business letter: use Mr, Ms, or Mrs and the family name. Include titles if there are any. You can also write a general email for all the members of the company. If you do so, use Dear and follow it with colleagues or co-workers.

4. Close the email with Your sincerely, since it is an official letter.

Farewell Party Email to Coworkers Sample

Subject line: Farewell party got Frank

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to a farewell party in the honor of a cherished colleague. Frank is leaving ServeEstates after 10 years of dedicated service.

Please join us next week on Friday from 7 pm to say farewell to our beloved co-worker and to express our best wishes for his future. We are looking forward to a memorable time together on this special occasion.

Dress code for the goodbye party is smart casual. Attendance is not compulsory, but well advised. Please inform me by Monday whether you are attending the farewell party or not. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cage

Funny Goodbye Work Office Email Template

1. Address the letter using the first name of the person. It is not necessary to use any titles.

2. Use a funny line, a joke, or a funny play on words.

3. Tell a funny store or anecdote that the person you are writing to knows about.

4. Remember to highlight the place and date of the party.

5. When you close the letter you can use expressions like Hugs, Best, See you, Love and so on.

Funny Goodbye Work Office Email Sample

Subject Line: We’re going to party!

Dear Frank,

We are all very jealous (we mean sad) that you are leaving the company. We sure had some great times! Remember that one time when...err, maybe we can talk about this during your farewell party on Saturday next week, on the 10th of April from 6 pm at the Main Hall.
See you there!

Your colleagues from ServeEstates