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Printable Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall is the time of year that is awash with color.

The trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables and holidays of the season provide a gold mine of inspiration for wonderful fall wedding invitations that incorporate not only the colors and imagery of the season but can also have an influence on your invitation wording choice.

A cousin who is an amateur photographer took a picture of an old country church with the trees adorned in fall regalia. His daughter used the picture on her invitations and added this verse she found online:

As the trees burst into color
And the autumnal season arrives
We pledge or faith, our love, our lives
Gretchen Wyler
James Harris
Request the honour of your presence
As we begin a lifetime of love
On day, date, time
Address, city, state

Choosing a fall wedding invitation can be fun but time consuming, there are so many lovely choices.

Fall wedding invitations can be as formal or as informal as you want. It all depends on your choice of paper, design and choice of wording. A formal autumn design might be a single leaf design with a vellum overlay that has the text you have chosen on it. This traditional invitation would read like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Vasquez
Request the honour of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Elena Maria
Jorge Ramirez
On Saturday the ninth of September
Two thousand and four
At 2 o’clock in the afternoon
St. Michaels R.C. Church
Address, city, state


Another delightful but simple example of fall wedding invitation wording is:

A beautiful fall evening
Has been chosen
As the beginning of our new life together
Elizabeth Thatcher
Kevin Woodman
Invite you to be with us
As we celebrate our love
And exchange marriage vows
On Saturday October 17, 2007
At 7:00 pm
Reception to follow
Until 11:00 pm
At venue

Autumn Wedding Invitation

I love fall weddings, the cool air, natures stunning color palette and deserted resorts, all make this a wonderful time for a wedding. 

After you download your autumn design template you need to start looking for the perfect wording to express what you as a couple mean to one another. We have some verse samples on our site, and there are several other sites devoted to wedding and bridal shower invitation wording samples which you are free to use as is or adapt to meet your needs.

Many couples today are choosing to write their own unique wording. Having this kind of creative freedom allow you to make one-of-a-kind invitations.

The fall colors do their small trick by maintaining the spirit of the theme of the autumn wedding. They reflect in the interior decoration, in the flora and most importantly in the garments of the wedding that give the manifestation of the heart and love. This is where you and I can position us as being a part of the season as well as a part of the celebration. Thus it is not just a theme for the couple getting married, but for you, everyone and I.

The simplest ideas that hit one’s mind are those that simply are a sign of autumn. The shifting colors of leaves are indications of the soundless treads of autumn. Many people follow the use of printed ribbon comprising of fall themes, for example prints of pumpkins or those of leaves and vinery to signify that the wedding has indeed the autumn theme.

 Autumn induces pumpkin patch harvests and thus it is a way to signify the autumn wedding. The use of loaded pitch of gorgeous colors of autumn converts a generic wedding into a theme celebration of autumn. That is the idea! And all this can be done in homemade manner with tit bits of ideas to fix together and that makes it all.

Since autumn calls for a bit of rain as well, thus the arrangement for an indoor party is best suited for the autumn theme wedding. Invitations for guests would also not be an issue in case of the indoor setting and thus avoid any mishap due to the rains.

Leaving aside the touch of white and ivory in the typical wedding, the texture and feel of the season can be created indoors with use of vivid colors and props of the beautiful season. There is no easy way to transform a traditional and conventional wedding into a theme wedding; it is just the way to be innovative in the beauty and touch of the season itself that makes the autumn theme wedding ideas!

Blank Fall Wedding Invitation

If you are looking for a blank fall wedding invitation template, you might try the home made template and design a spectacular fall invitation with you your own verses and colors along with pictures if you wish.

Although the blank invites are available to customize, you will have to think of some things to make your invitation special. When you want to plan that special day and you decide you are the only one that make the perfect invitation, all you need to do, is see what you can do with very little effort on your part. If you have the need for any anniversary, wedding or shower invite, you can look around for templates, design the invite and print them out for sending.

The fall wedding is beautiful. The weather is cooler and the colors are changing. You have a freshness in the air that cannot be beat in any other season. You can plan your wedding around so many different colors in the fall and many brides find this time of year more beautiful than any other time of year. If you need more reasons then that, imagine the great honeymoon you can enjoy, when kids are back in school and less people are traveling. You should have an enjoyable honeymoon wherever you go. If you need something cheap or with a discount, you will find that the blank fall wedding invitation template will provide you with step-by-step directions on how to create an elegant looking invite.

After all, the home made invitations are sometimes more meaningful then the expensive store bought ones. They are made with love. You can design it anyway; you want for a more personal touch than with store bought ones as well. You just need the computer, invitations and a design that will match what you want to say. Autumn is a time when the world is awash with the deep rich hues or red, orange, yellow and brown. Autumn wedding invitations with the colors and images of fall are beautiful.

They can be elegant, whimsical, humorous, formal or informal. The possibilities are endless. Two richly hued leaves on one branch or stem can symbolize the union of your lives. If you are making your own invitations you could write your own verse around that idea. Chrysanthemums, asters, roses, cockscomb, late sunflowers and oxalis are just some of the flowers of the season that would be perfect for use on your wedding invitations. For formal invitations on ivory or bright white cardstock with a splash of color from an autumn leaf or flowers would be perfect. Have a flower or leaf design embossed on a vellum overlay. It is a beautiful effect.

A less formal wedding allows you to play with the invitation design and wording for your autumn wedding. Imagine a garden gate with fall flowers bursting out all around it. How about a border of pumpkins and autumn flowers surrounding your text? Apples, pumpkins and corn make lovely arrangements and beautiful invitation designs. I saw one autumn wedding invitation that had a border of fall leaves and this verse:

As autumn leaves
Turn their brilliant hue
Two lovers will join and say I do
GroomDay, date, time
We joyfully ask you to share
In this celebration of life
Bride’s parents

Your autumn invitation can be as elegant or as casual as you choose and still reflect the beauty of this wonderful season. You can go on line and search stock photo collections for photos of autumn scenes. A couple at our church had taken a picture of an old country church surrounded by maple trees in full autumn color. They used that picture for their fall wedding. You can also find free autumn clip art that you can use for non-commercial purposes. Whatever kind of design you choose you can have wonderful autumn wedding invitations that people will be talking about for some time to come.

Fall Theme Wedding Ideas

Roses and velvet flowers were spread on both sides of entrance walk as we moved inside, with hundreds of huge dry bouquet in gold, red and browns. What an extraordinary arrangement! Interiors were an equal pleasure to eyes and senses as the entire garden was covered with maroon drapes and white tables laid accessorized with maroon silk bows.

Few unreal maple trees were placed for more splendid effects. Festivity was displayed with class whilst all arrangements were in tone with fall theme. Though chosen venue was an old barn but fall theme added to the rustic beauty of that place.Everyone looked forward to more interesting attractions as the event ensued. When the bride and groom arrived in their incredible white ensembles complimented with maroon and gold, they almost seemed like a vintage pair.

The entire setting and fall colors had an intoxicating effect on people and hence it seemed as if the entire moment be halted to capture for a second. Recital of poetic verses from musicians seemed so very Mills and Boons edition and light music at the backdrop impelled every breath of love they felt for each other. Decorations deserve special mention as incredible centerpieces were created using wine colored berries, dried big flowers, herbs with perfumed candles. Food was simple and good with exceptional flavoring, the most mesmerizing effects was bonfire lit at one side with chairs to sit and chat after ceremony. Favors were great as I still treasure them with me. It was perhaps one of the most unique fall theme weddings I ever attended.

Fall Theme Wedding Ideas for Cake

Having a good as well as innovative idea for a wedding cake is something that makes the mind to ponder over a lot of issues. After all in a theme wedding, it becomes extremely crucial for the selection of a perfect idea for a good wedding cake that would give it the touch of perfection and make the theme successful.

Fall theme wedding ideas for cake is something that I embarked upon while I was given this critical task during my brother’s wedding. The fall season is indeed a beautiful season and thus each person seeks an innovative idea for the design of the wedding cake. I searched though innumerable pictures and ideas and got really boggled with what should be my ultimate choice for the wedding cake. I had to give some idea as to give perfection for the cake table.

After much study into the details of the cakes that are usually served during a fall theme wedding I understood that any cake can be served at a fall theme with certain stylizations. Chocolate cakes are a usual choice of many people during the fall season and thus it suits a fall theme for a wedding cake perfectly. However the stylization can incorporate a spiced flavor to the chocolate cake to make it more appropriate for the fall theme. Many people even eliminate cakes to include pumpkin pies for the wedding theme. However, I kept on with the idea for the cake and chose the chocolate idea with the spiced flavor and also addition of good seasonal fruits to give it the touch of the theme even better.

The decorations are what would make the cake more explanative for the theme and thus I zeroed down upon this special idea. Guess what? Everybody even liked the plan and I got the full support and encouragement to explore this idea of mine. I chose a staged cake made of black and brown chocolate and spiced flavor to it was most essential and the garnishing and decorations was specially taken care of by the baker under my supervision. As it is well said, it was indeed a sweet extravagance to pamper in oneself and that is what every guest also felt for the cake when it arrived at the wedding reception.

I knew that ideas exists around us and thus we have to explore the corners around to get the themes and thus I got the idea for this special Fall theme wedding ideas for cake to make this wedding celebration indeed special. I hope you too would love to do something innovative like this one sometimes! 

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